Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I chose an expensive hobby

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, last night was interesting. The minute I layed down, I was too tired to get up to even brush my teeth before bed. I was out like a lightbulb. Getting out of bed this morning was so hard. I think that I am starting to get sick.

For lunch today I had grilled fish at a Mexican Restaurant. That fish had so much garlic that my breath still reeks of garlic. I am lucky that I am not trying to impress anyone around here.

Today I had my bellydance class. One of the girls offered to make me a new costume. I just need to go out and buy a bra so she can sew over it. She makes beautiful costumes. She's only charging me $120. And that is considered very cheap. I have two other outfits. I paid about $400 for my professional dance costume a couple of years ago and that was considered a good deal.

On Friday my coworker is having a Halloween Party at his house. Costumes are mandatory. If I don't wear one they will paint my face however they want. And knowing these guys, I know that they won't be kind.

Well, that is all for now. I will update some more later. Ciao :)


jcrazytrain said...

LOL on the garlis that reminds me of when we eat at the stinkin rose we stink for 3 days LOL But since my hubby and I both stink at the same time it is OK LOL Get some photos up of ur costume :O))) Thanx D

kdwsunshine said...

Wow, 400.00 for a costume..that is really expensive.

happinessdreams said...

That's a very expensive hobby. But I'm sure is worthy. That grilled fish sounds delish minus the garlic lol.