Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I spun around in an office chair

Hello there,

Okay, so this is my second week on the job as a receptionist. I'm pretty comfortable and I feel that I am getting along with everyone in the building.

But today my supervisor tells me that someone anonymously called and complained about me. Did I insult that person's mother ? No. Did I wear skimpy clothing and expose my crack ? No. Was I even chewing gum and making awful smacking noises ? Nope.

My crime was that I was spinning around in an office chair. And no one was even really in the lobby when that happened. I was probably bored out of my fucking mind when I did it. I work in a large builing with a few floors and apparently someone got their panties in a twist when they looked down and saw me spin around for maybe 10 seconds.

What the hell ? Is their life so mundane and boring that my 10 second chair spinning session offended them ? I sit at that post for 8 hours a day. Throw me a bone.

Okay, that felt better. I better think about getting some sleep.




winivere2002 said...

What kind of bone would you like? LOL... Girl, people are always watching the receptionist. Better put your brakes on. ha ha

lmitc89854 said...

There are always going to be people with no lives who think that complaining is their right. Dumb people!. Jealous people.

lifeplus0o said...

But that's the supervisor's fault.  Supervisors should know when some complaints are frivolous and not make a big deal out of them.j  It's posturing.

Hope they get nicer to you.

winivere2002 said...

Whee! I'm all caught up. Write some more, girl!!!

happinessdreams said...

some people just have too much time in their hands. i hope things are better now.