Sunday, June 27, 2010

Plastic Joy With A Twist... Eff, Marry or Kill

Well Hello There My Little Blueberry Pancakes...........

I hope that you are having a nice weekend.

I have a confession to make. I told my boss on Friday that he reminded me a little bit of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. Was that wrong ? Thankfully he hasn't seen the film yet. Now, my boss doesn't look like this man, and is not rude. However, if you put a little street in him and piss him the fuck off, I think he has the potential to act like Les Grossman in a hostile situation and possibly bust out a couple of his moves on the dance floor.

Anyway, enough chatter, I am on a mission here. I was presented with the Plastic Joy Award by                LL Cool Joe. Basically my little buttery breakfasts, I have to tell you who I would get "jiggy with" if I could do it with anyone.

The rules state that I have to list five, but I have six on my list. Why would you settle for hooking up with five people when you could have six, right ?

So here is what I am gonna do. I will list five people, then add my crazy one at the end. I will add a little twist to this. After I list each candidate, I will also tell you if I will eff them, marry them, or kill them, or maybe a healthy combination of the choices.

So here we go..............

1.) This is Javier Bardem, an actor from Spain. Now, I realize he looks pissed off in this picture, but they say that anger or aggression can lead to a party in the bedroom and that is kinda what I am hoping for with this man. I loved him Vicky Christina Barcelona. I hear he's dating Penelope Cruz so I don't expect him over anytime soon.

I would definitely eff him. Penelope can marry him.

2.) Anyone who's been reading my blog knows that this is Eduardo Verastegui, and that he is not only smoking hot, but that he is one of my role models. My mother saw his picture and doesn't understand what the big deal is, but to that I simply shrug and say that mommy doesn't know what she is talking about.

I would marry him and then eff him every opportunity for the rest of our lives. Llamame Eduardo, hablo espanol y creo en Dios tambien ! ( I can't figure out Spanish punctuation on this computer)

3.) That is Daniel Sunjata. I have seen him in Law And Order as the lab tech, as well as Rescue Me. He even did a little stint in Sex and the City when the series was still out.

I would eff him, definitely, especially in that uniform. I don't know about marriage, I am still holding out for Eduardo.

4.) This is Antonio Sabato Jr. I saw him on My Antonio last summer as he was looking for love. He was also a Calvin Klein underwear model. So hot ! I think he is smokin' and I hear that he is better looking in person than in pictures or on film.

I would totally eff him, but then I would have to kill him because I hear he is a huge douche. Actually, maybe not kill him because he has two kids and children need their fathers.

5.) You all know who this is, and if you don't, then you've been hibernating in a cave. This is Brett Michaels, and I am a huge fan of his from Rock of Love and then Celebrity Apprentice. I love his music, and his outlook on life. He has got to be one of the nicest people, at least on TV, and I hear he is great to his fans.

I would definitely eff him with layers of protection, but no way in hell would I want to commit to him. The Rock of Love girls can have him.

And now for the crazy bonus...............................................

6.) Russell Brand................... I hear he's engaged (possibly already married) to Katy Perry. Now, I used to laugh at him and wonder why on earth she would want to be with someone like him, and how could he possibly commit to her for the rest of his life ? Plus he just looks all around crazy, at least in pictures. He has got to be under the influence of some narcotic.

But over the weekend, I saw To The Greek. When I watched him in it, I found myself attracted to him. OMG, I was so embarrassed, and I turned to my friend and confessed to her, expecting for her to laugh at me. But NO, she turned to me and told me that she would do it with him too ! So I am not the only crazy one !

My verdict............ I would get drunk with him, and then let him take advantage. I would probably have the urge to kill him when sober, but I am hoping that by being under the influence of booze, that I would block most of that out.

So................. Here are my five nominations.........

1.) Mac
2.) Mama Cita Ashleigh
3.) Red Shoes
4.) Danielle
5.) Mindy


Darrin the Retro Dad ! I know he is happily married with children, I bet he has a celebrity pass somewhere in his pocket and I want to know about it.

That is all my loves.

Abrazos y besitos !




Riot Kitty said...

OK, thank you for being another one in favor of Russell Brand!

Fireblossom said...

I would comment, but I am still feeling wobbly after my experience with the StraightMaker Machine. ;-)

LL Cool Joe said...

I'd be happy to kill Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

Thanks for playing ball, so to speak!

mac said...

I would not EFF any of those guys!
I might, however, kill a couple of them.

Wanna know who ranks high on my list?

MindyMom said...

Yes, the crazy one is definitely crazy but I agree totally w/Antonio Sabato Jr.

As for my 5? Put me on the spot, girl! I'm gonna have to give that some thought. ;)

Just telling it like it is said...

OMG I am not on your hookup dream dates...I am officially offended...can I just say and I would have at least like brad pit to be one of your random hookups...cause he is totally mine except he was Tristan in Legends of the fall...

Big Mark 243 said...

I guess humor does work... don't want to slight YOUR choices but Russell Brand?

Shadowdancer said...

Don't even think of bringing any of these douchbags home for dinner. I mean.... eeewwwwww!

Ily said...

How could I forget Javier Bardem?? ¡Ay Dios Mío, que hombre! :)

Red Shoes said...

Well... this is going to require a great deal of thought...

5 of em, huh? good ol' # V...

This should be entertaining... ;o)

Thanks, Senorita... I look forward to this! :oD


Danielle said...

I am going to have to do some research to come up with my 5. Could be fun! Thanks

Mama Zen said...

I met Bret Michaels years ago, and he is really nice.

HMCinCali said...

Okay I like 2, 4, and yes 6. But of course we don't know what they are truely like so just to eff.

Bret is way, WAY too old for you! He seems really sweet. Wayyy too old.

Like 2 the best for ya! That picture is just soooo freakn hot!

dadshouse said...

You and your hot men. I guess we can't expect you to list 5 hot women, eh? Haha

Sweet-Britches said...

I would f*ck Russell Brand as well.

And I totally do NOT understand why!!!

Kerrie said...

1).Yes please. 2).Yes please 3).No thanks .4). Yes Yes Yes..5).No thanks. 6).Not on your nellie..

Red Shoes said...

Hey you... I called you a NYMPH... Not a NYMPHO'... :oP A nymph is defined as a nature goddess usually depicted as a beautiful maiden... and you are a goddess... as well as a beautiful maiden.. no? ;o)


Darrin.. said...

Hmmm.. thanks for nominating me for this meme! While you wouldn't see it on my blog for fear of castratio.... err.... an elbow in the ribs from my bride, here's my list in no particular order..

*Kim Kardashian
*Racquel Welch
(whaddya expect.. I'm old school!)
*Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)
*Scarlett Johansson

If by looking at my "list".. it appears that I like curvy women.. it's no coincidence! I really reaaaaaly dig curves!