Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cleaning up

Hello there my lovelies,

I just gotta update this more than once a week. I've been cleaning up and getting rid of a lot of stuff. Basically, I had a storage unit full of stuff, and I can't afford to keep storing all that stuff every month. My rent is expensive enough and I have a separate mailbox for my mail. So I decided to take all my stuff out and store it in my room. But of course to make it all fit I had to do some serious spring cleaning.

I shredded old bills, threw out boxes of magazines and donated all the clothes and shoes I haven't worn in years. I am still getting rid of stuff. I'm a sentimental person and I like to keep stuff, but I realized that I can't keep letting stuff pile up. Organizing my stuff kinda makes me feel like I am taking control of my life. I need that right now.

While I was going through stuff I looked through my old photo albums that I made, my old photos that I took, old letters that people sent to me, my yearbooks, yada yada yada. It brought back a lot of old memories. I am glad I kept all that stuff. It makes me see how far I've come along.

Anyways, I am gonna get back to organizing. I could write about all the drama at work but I'll spare y'all for now.

Ciao Ciao.



happinessdreams said...

It seems like we are both doing the same thing. I've been on a cleaning mission for about 2 weeks now and I have sooooo many things that it is going to take me a long time to get things fixed and organized the way I want it to be. Once we are done organizing and throwing stuff out we should celebrate with cosmopolitans! LOL.

winivere2002 said...

LOL @ I have been trying to do this since January. I have a storage unit I havent touched since I moved to the Valley which has been about six years now. It would be nice to have all that money instead but I still have hopes of moving back to Corpus Christi area. I could use your help cleaning up. LOL... I wish I could just get it overwith. It would be a great relief if I could get it done. Hugz, Win... PS.. Still looking for that sword pic......