Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dinner last night

Hello there my lovelies,

Last night I went to a dinner to celebrate volunteers such as myself, who helped out on National Citizenship Day. It was very nice. A bunch of people from nonprofit organizations gave speeches about immigration and why they're passionate about helping give immigrants a voice and helping them integrate into American society. I invited Chad, but he ended up not making it. I am glad he didn't go. It was better that I went alone so I could process all my feelings and talk to everyone there without having to wonder if he was enjoying himself or not. I have to say that they cake there was so good. I ate more than I shoulda, but it was so good. The frosting was whipped cream. Yummy. And I because I took a cake decorating class, I could taste all the ingredients.

Anyways, of all the different causes out there, I feel passionate about this one. It's just that helping people become citizens or at understanding where immigrants are coming from grabs at my heartstrings. I still feel mixed about a lot of issues involving immigration. I can't say that I am completely liberal. But at least I am understanding why things are the way they are.

Anyways, I've got more to talk about but I will end this for now. Ciao Ciao.


zoorisk said...

Congrats on the dinner celebration.  I am glad that you had a great time enjoying yourself at the dinner.  Continue doing what you feel in your heart to make a difference out there.

happinessdreams said...