Monday, May 1, 2006

I'm still not done discussing my mixed views on immigration........

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, today there were the immigrant protests. Although many shops were closed and the economy was supposed to take a hit today, I didn't notice anything in my neck of the woods.

For starters, there aren't any undocumented workers at my job. So therefore, all of us showed up. Plus, people get into accidents 24/7 and need to rent a car, so therefore we were busy, as we always are on Mondays. Car accidents didn't come to a halt today.

I heard about the protest marches on the news. People were marching with signs,. one of which said "legalization for everyone". Yeah, whatever. And the govt should just let everyone in ??? I don't think so. Or how about " we should all be given a chance."  Ha ! Not in the real world where criminals and terrorism exists. The US has contraints too. We can't just accept everyone. We have to have procedures to follow.

I am mixed about the issue. I feel that people should immigrate here the legal way. But let's get real. Immigrating here is difficult, the laws change and people living in poverty in a 3rd world country do not have the resources to learn about immigration laws that keep changing. How the hell can we expect a farm worker in Mexico who can't read and write to somehow read and understand legal terms in English? I remember trying to read about immigration law in Spanish when I lived in Spain. That was painful. And I am educated. People are gonna try to get here. And building extra fences isn't gonna stop them. This will always be an issue.

People that slip through the cracks and cross our borders illegally shouldn't just be dismissed as felons. Labeling a man that jumped our fence to work to survive as a felon and jailing him is ridiculous. He should just be deported. That is the right of the US govt. We have laws here, and they should be obeyed.

But if he escapes deportation and manages to live here for years without committing a crime, earns a living and pays taxes, he should eventually be given a chance at getting his papers and becoming a citizen. Because by then, he has proven that he is serious about becoming an American citizen and has lived like one. My old car prep was one of those people. He came here in the trunk of a car. And he is a US citizen now, and he deserves it. He learned English, worked for many years and paid his taxes every year.

Anyways, I am done for now.

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lmitc89854 said...

OK, you made sense. I agree with you. I am just tired of the media sying "immigrants" instead of "illegal Immigrants"