Sunday, April 30, 2006

Immigrant Protests

Hello there again,

Immigration is such a hot issue right now. There have been protests in the street. And tommorow people will protest and not show up to work tommorow as well as not spend any money.

First of all, I agree with people protesting in the street. It is their right. But I disagree how some of them protest. For those Mexican immigrants that want to be treated equally as American citizens, I disagree with them protesting only in Spanish with just the Mexican flag. For them to get their point across more effectively, I think they should protest in Spanish AND English with the Mexican AND American flag. Or just in English with the American flag. Shoot, when I went to Spain, people gave me dirty looks when I spoke English. While I was in Spain and trying to get residency papers, I would have been laughed at if I made demands in English.

People that want to immigrate here should convince the govt that they want to be a part of the United States. Protesting in Spanish with the Mexican flag sets them apart. That's why they are protesting in the first place: they are set apart as illegals that can't be assimilated into American society. Protesting in English and holding the American flag will send a message that they want to be a part of the United States and are willing to make the efforts to do so.

I also disagree with the protests tommorow. Illegal immigrants walking out of their jobs may hurt the economy for a day. But it will hurt them more. Seriously, they may walk out of their jobs for a day, but they're gonna have to come back the next day to earn a living. The only way this would really scar our ecomony is for they to go back to their countries. And that is not going to happen. People will always immigrate here.

Anyways, that's my two cents.


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lmitc89854 said...

Please differentiate between immigrants and illegal immigrants. Illegal means against our laws. I was a legal immigrant with a legal green card. Didn't break any laws. Immigrants that are legal are allowed our protection, Illegals are not. I am for the guest worker program and always for people working instead of starving but if they come here illegally, sneaking over our border they are not subject to our rights.