Saturday, April 15, 2006

A nicer entry

Hello there again,

I feel better after my last entry. Right now I am watching a black and white film from the 40's/50's era. Seeing the women with the curly hair and soft voices remind me of my grandma. She was one of them back in the day. And when I visited my grandpa in 2002 I saw pictures of my great aunts in the black and white photos in his house. They looked so glamourous. The long eyelashes, full lips and high cheekbones.

In high school I used to fantasize about living in that era all the time. I still kinda do. I love the shoes from that era. The rounded heels with a high arch. I also absolutely adore gloves and wear them with my dresses. People were more polite and used more formalities when they spoke. Plus romance was such a bid deal back then.

Watching those movies make me wonder what like was like for my grandparents. Plus it makes me feel more care free. The black and white in the movies make it seem like life was so simple back then.

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kdwsunshine said...

Yeah, those movies are great!