Sunday, April 30, 2006

No more cake decorating........ for now.

Hello there my lovelies,

Well, today was supposed to be my last cake decorating class. I even frosted my cake and baked another one. But I ended up ditching the class. I guess I just didn't feel like working hard for another 2 hours only to have to come home and clean the utensils. Besides, I really don't have anyone to bake for. I tried sharing my last cake with my coworkers but they complained that the frosting was too sweet.

So I am just gonna put this hobby on hold for a while. It's kinda funny because I spent a lot of money on the supplies. But the good news is that the supplies will last for years. Not only is cake decorating time consuming, but I also need time to practice and I don't have a lot of free time for that. The weather outside is beautiful and I would rather spend my extra time enjoying the weather and relaxing instead of stressing out over frosting.

Plus, I ate my own cakes. They were so good !! And my thighs got a little bigger. I think that I should use that time instead to exercise. Besides, I am paying the monthly fee at the gym. I think I should use it more.

Bellydance is my first love. Plus I was starting to volunteer and that was and still is important to me. I wanna focus on that too.

I guess cakes will just have to wait.


kdwsunshine said...

It does sound like you have a full plate with work and bellydancing, etc and then cake decorating was time consuming too. But, you will always have that to fall back on if you want to and can always take classes again.


winivere2002 said...

Sandra! I took cake decorating classes also. It was hard with work in a different town and all but it was something that I always wanted to learn. I havent had a chance to experiment and get creative and such but I am proud to say that it has made such a difference to learn how to make the flowers, esp the roses, because now my cakes look store bought. (smiling at my proud self)