Saturday, April 15, 2006

Forgive me for such mindless banter, but I am sick of the public.

Hello All,

I worked today. I don't always work on Saturdays, but today was my lucky turn. NOT. For starters the car prep decides he's not gonna show up. Not even a call. Just doesn't show up because he doesn't feel like it. So I had to be the car cleaning wench. And we had some nasty ass filthy cars to clean. People can be such pigs.

We got a complaint letter from the BBB. I had such a good laugh reading it. First of all, the incident didn't happen at my store. It happened at another branch, but the guy filing the complaint was too frickin' lazy to do simple research to find the correct address of the branch. So what does he do ? He just mails it to the wrong branch. Way to get his problem solved in a timely manner.

Second of all, the guy did not have a clue of how to write properly.The guy that helped him was named Brett. But the guy spelled it as "Butt" : "Butt refused to give me an upgrade." or " Butt just gave me the filthiest car" His grammar was also so awful. Whatever. Not my problem.

We closed at 1pm today and at 1:30 this woman that was a total entitlement whore walks in and wants to rent a car. I decided to help her thinking that the whole transaction would be finished in 5 minutes but I was wrong. I didn't get out of there until 2:45. And for the love of God, she had a big fat hickey on her neck in plain sight. What couldn't she just cover that shit up???

She had no reservation and wanted a car. All I had was a truck. And a filthy one at that. But no, she didn't want a truck. I told her that she could drive 5 min to the other branch that has lots more cars, but she refused. I gave her a discount already for the weekend but she just kept beating me up over the price. She kept telling me how well she knows one of my managers. (I know he prolly doesn't remember her) and how he gives her a truck for $20.  She was telling me she could really use a discount (even though I already gave her a really good deal) because she's spending so much money on hotel costs and the theme park tickets. Why doesn't she try and go and haggle with the hotel as well ? Why only beat me up?? I was so tempted to go and tell her to go suck a long one.

"I should ask for a lower price because I come here all the time (she rented twice in the past year) and also because I want a car and you don't have a car, and I also have to wait for you to clean the truck. While I was trying to help her she kept saying. "Oh, you must meet a lot of different people in this business. I bet you have to deal with a lot of rude, demanding people." I wanted to tell her, "Not really, but I do deal with a lot of entitlement whores such as yourself."

What the hell ??? I did her a favor. I helped her after we closed. I shoulda went home. And I had to clean that nasty truck for her fat ass. That truck was gross. I found food everywhere, panties and viagra. Friggin' viagra. I bet there were nasty stains left there. Nasty stains that she's probably sitting on right now as she's driving through the Grape Vine.

I am also hate it when men talk about my lips. Yes, I like my lips and I am proud that they are full. But please don't keep telling me that. It sounds so creepy when an older guy looks at me and says it while I am driving him to our branch. Gives me the willies.

Another thing I don't understand is why customers don't read their contracts. Our contracts have the prices on it. And they still come back and bitch claiming that they didn't know. What is wrong with people ? "You can't expect me to read the contract"

Oh yeah ?? Then why did you sign for it  you jackass? Businesses are run by contracts. That is how it works. Why do people sign for shit when they don't know the basics such as the price ? People can be such morons. Being in a hurry is no excuse.

I swear that my job is the only place where people can wheedle their way out of abiding by the rules of the contract. This shit doesn't fly with contracts for student loans or cars or banks. I would love to see people try and bitch about their interest rates. I explain things clearly to customers and circle the price. And sometimes they still come back and claim I didn't tell them.

I am so sick of how we let people walk all over us. And on Monday morning this will all be repeated.




lmitc89854 said...

I am so sorry for the stupid people you have to deal with!  Tell them that they are stupid and go get a job more worthy! with your training, brains and education, you should be doing something better. These people don't deserve you!

kdwsunshine said...

If its driving you to the point that you are sick of it, maybe you need to find something else. There is no sense in letting people drive you I know I wouldn't have the patience to work there by the way it sounds.