Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Hello Everyone,

Today I am cleaning up my room. I have a lot of papers with my name and address to shred, but my damn shredder broke. I still have stuff to give to Goodwill. I also threw out a lot of stuff. Feels pretty good. I still have to go through all my financial statements.

I've been watching TV programs about Veteran soldiers as well as the Japanese Internment camps.

I want to take this entry to acknowlege the men and women that have fought for our country. Because they stood up and fought, people like me don't have to. Because they volunteered, I can choose whether I want to go and fight or not. I also think that the wives of our servicemen deserve credit because they are giving them their full support, raising their children while the men are away and never know if they'll see their husbands or get the dreaded visit.

If I had to, I would join the military. But, since I have a choice, I chose to not to. I love living a free life here in the United States without having to worry about going hungry, getting killed, or being told how to live my life like others in third world countries do.

A lot of people may be against Bush's policies and war in general. But I don't think any of that anger should ever be taken out on our soldiers. It angers me when I see people protesting against our men and women in the service. Those people in the service are the reason why they have the freedom to protest in the first place. They should be respected and supported. I also think that their benefits for serving should be increased and never cut. Politicians that cut their benefits in the name of budget don't realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot. If servicemen and women didn't serve, the politicians themselves would be forced to go and fight.

But I do think that Americans in general are more appreciative of the people that do serve our country. I think September 11th had something to do with it.

While I was watching the documentary about the Japanese Internment camps, it was hard to realize that the USA is guilty of such a thing. There are a lot of dispicable things that our government did. I don't think that the Japanese that lived in the camps talk about their experiences enough. When I was studying history in high school, there was only 1-2 pages in the whole book that talked about it. I've seen an exhibit about it in a museum, but I think that there should be a whole museum dedicatedto them.

My friend Henry served in the Marine Corps and works in a veterans hospital. I wanted to acknowledge him as well. He knows what it means to serve our country. This entry is dedicated to him.


lmitc89854 said...

I think a lot of people have forgotten that Memorial Day is really not about the first big cookout of the summer. Or if not exactly forgotten, do not give the real purpose of Memorial Day much thought. I went over to Leavenworth National Cemetery yesterday (where my husband is buried). There are over 36,000 of this nation's heroes buried there. Perhaps it would be good if those that are close enough could make a trip to one of our National cemeteries every year. It is not depressing, I assure you. They are beautiful serene places that inspire. You see entire families gathered there with their flowers and their heads bowed in prayers around their loved ones.  And a flag at every single graveside. God bless those that do visit there. They have lost a lot.

zoorisk said...

I would like to say thank you to Sandra for the special dedication in your journal not just to me but to all the military veteran out there thank you for remembering. It seems that people have forgotten the true meaning of Memorial Day.  It use to be that on a day as special as this one is they use to place a flag on the windows to let people know how proud they are to all the men and women who have fought and protected this country of ours.  You look around and you dont see it anymore unless that family has a son or daughter in the military.  I would like to say thank you to all military members out there past and present.  Also a special mention to my brother (Navy - Still active) and sister (Army) who have also served proudly in the service as well.

happinessdreams said...

thank you for rememberign the men and woman who serve our country.