Monday, September 6, 2010

Organic TMI

Well Hello There My Little Fat Cats,

So what's up ? Miss Me ?

Anywhooters, Riot Kitty usually is the one with the brilliant lolcats, but I could not help but post this lolcat pic I swiped off Google somewhere. It made me laugh.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. I hung out with friends and was lazy as possible today. I did manage to workout. Then I decided to give into the sugar craving I had and could not shake off. I walked to the store for a slice of cake. I ate about half, and then decided to get a small gelato because it was hotter than Satan's asscrack.

I feel better, maybe a little guilty, but I am certainly not one of those people to cut sugar out of my diet. I as an Austrian would be betraying my family if I didn't enjoy cakes, pastries and delicious coffee drinks ! When I lived with my Oma in Austria for the summer back in '98 she always spoiled me with confections and she loved her sweets too. She loved her iced coffee with ice cream and as a gift she drove me to the Mozart chocolate factory and we bought the famous Mozart chocolate balls in bulk.

So what else.................

Ah, yes........... Maybe it's a little TMI, but a few months back I was shopping at Whole Foods aka Whole Paycheck with my friend. It seems that buying everything organic is the thing to do and my dad told me there is a sucker born every minute.

So while my friend was off buying her stuff, I decided to look at the stuff in the feminine care aisle. I decided to buy the tampons made from organic cotton and recycled paper wrappers. Totally earth friendly, but not so friendly for your snatch.

Seriously people, this idea was a total fail. I like using Tampax Pearl with the nice soft cotton, and plastic applicator that is easy to grip. It's easy, I am already bitchy so let's not make the experience anymore complicated than it needs to be okay ?

The organic cotton Tampons from Whole Paycheck not only felt like I was using newspaper, but the cardboard applicator sucked. It kept getting stuck and the cotton felt like sandpaper.
And their only strong selling point is that it's "environmentally friendly"? Fuck that.

Saying your product is "environmentally friendly" is the new cop-out for companies nowadays. Your product could be crappy but it doesn't matter, you are saving the environment by buying it, and if you don't buy it, you will be at fault for the melting icecaps and the burning rainforests in the Amazon.

Does Tampax get their cotton from a mom and pop farm that practices free trade ? Probably not. Do they care that the cotton plants are happy ? Probably not. Do they chemically treat the cotton ? Most likely, and I don't give a shit. They make a decent product, and to make myself feel better, I recycle the cardboard box it comes in.

Well, that is all for now loves. Have a happy week !

Besitos !


Jessica said...

Tampax Pearls all the way! I'm one of the biggest enviro-nuts out there, but there's a limit to what I'll shove up my Lady Bits.

Just telling it like it is said...

I thought that the Tampax pearls were cotton...totally environmental...Plus it is a little contaminated when it is used right?

LL Cool Joe said...

Ok this is a subject I know nothing about, but I do know about cakes and pastries and anything sweet, so I'll focus on that and leave the other stuff to you girls!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Calling over from Joey's.
I'm not a very "sweet" person, so chocolate and cake I'm not bothered about, neither do I drink tea or coffee, but I am definitely with you on the tampon thing! Same goes for toilet paper, I would prefer to pay that bit extra for my personal comfort....but recycling the tubes and boxes makes me feel less guilty.
I'm enviro-friendly, but there has to be limits.
Gosh, I was just reading a blog about soap making from breast-milk, think I'll give that a miss too!

mac said...

I Don't do the coffee thing, at all. Yur dad is right about organic too.
I do like the other sweet tings you mention.

Is it some kind of freudian slip that you mention your "snatch" in a post about sweet things, or is that just me being a horndog ?

Bev said...

Yes, there are some things where organic just doesn't cut it!

H said...

The world has gone way, way, way overboard on the whole global warming thing, did you know if the United states stopped 100% of it's pollution it would reduce the amount of CO2 by 0.005% (yeah thats right cow farts have the same amount of impact.)

Why we keep destoying our economy, while China and India pollute like mother fuckers and strenghten their economies blows my fucking mind.

Just on sheer principal I (a man) am going to buy plastic pearl tampons in all hopes to end the organic tampon stupidity.

ps, when in Europe you must go to Brugge Belguim, you will love it

Charlene said...

Well of course we missed you!


Memphis Steve said...

Having your snatch rubbed raw by a sandpaper tampon is not environmentally friendly because it makes you cranky and disinclined to go out and exercise. Thus, you simply want to sit on the couch with the scratchy tampon and watch TV, burning lots of fuel to provide energy for your 50 inch widescreen plasma set while you eat ice cream made from artificial chemicals that give you toxic poo and pollute our water supply. Best to use the proper tampons and keep yourself feeling fresh and clean and thus less inclined to park on the couch with "Ellen" while eating Toxic Ice Cream. That's what I think, anyway.

dadshouse said...


Too funny though (sorry). I tried Whole Foods dish soap once. It didn't clean a thing. Some things in life are meant to be dealt with non-organically!!!

Fireblossom said...

Pffffft, ice cap ice crap. Who wants to use cardboard and sandpaper?!? Ick.

Hey, I have lolcats sometimes, too!

Kerrie said...

Cosmic kitty is now feeling positively slimline.
I love tampax pearl. I am sorry but nothing recycled or scratchy is going near my fu fu. Has anyone tried a moon cup. I have seen these online and wondered are they genious or just a bloody disaster ( literally ).

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I WILL NOT be trying those Whole Foods tampons. Yikes.

Red Shoes said...

That is one fat-assed cat... reminds me of 'Fat Bastard' in those James Bond spoof movies...

I'm not green when it comes to paper products associated with my anatomy.. I've used some of that sand paper poop paper before... It's NOT fun picking splinters out of one's ass!!



PorkStar said...

Hahaha damn!!!

I really dont know what to say but ive noticed your posts recently include a lot of ass and snatch references.

Totally up my alley, but it sounds kinda painful about the organic plug. Im sure it feels more like riding a donkey than the cotton pony.

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, that sounds painful! Nice LOLCat btw. I use the Diva Cup 'cause tampons hurt too much. Check it out.

Clyde said...

But wouldn't it be such a great openning conversation piece---"Oh, and I have an environmentally friendly snatch "----I'm sure you would be the most popular girl in the crowd

Senorita said...

All your comments rock, lol ! I heart my readers !

Btw, I have actually used the Diva Cup. I can only speak for myself and say that it was a mess.

Good concept, bad execution. You have to be REALLY careful and still when taking it out.

Irredento Urbanita said...

The Austrian Mozartkugeln chocolates should be called as a world richness for future generations.




[Barcelona Daily Photo]

Danielle said...

Yep, I won't be trying those. Thanks for the review. We did miss you by the way!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was wondering how those tampons worked...I can save my money then!

Mike said...

It's like diapers. I may want to help the environment, but I'm not washing one to be reused. Let it sit in a landfill for a thousand years.