Monday, September 20, 2010

Paris Day 4

Hello Loves,

So I am still in Paris, and I have been a bad blog friend. I promise that when I get back home I will catch up on your blogs.

I finally slept yesteday and got in 11 hours. It felt so good ! My host took me around Montmarte and we walked to Sacre Couer.

I have also been to the Eiffel Tower and watched it light up and sparkle at mignight.

I have so much more to do. But so far I have enjoyed walking around this romantic city.

There is a bridge here by the Seine River called  Pont des Arts near the Notre Dame Cathedral where lovers leave their locks and write their names on it and throw the key into the river. I thought it was so romantic but apparently the French govt doesnºt think so. In May of this year, they took them all down. But this is September and people continue to leave their locks and hearts in Paris.

While I was looking at the fence on a beautiful Friday evening a couple of things happened to me. First, a Russian woman by herself asked me to take her picture. I took her picture and we went our separate ways. But like me, she was by herself and it´s always interesting how many people from around the world come to Paris to either be with their sweeties, or at least hope it rubs off on them. She and I were both alone and I felt like we had something in common.

 Then I was approached by two men totally hitting on me and asking me to join them for a drink. Nice guys a little cute even, but they told me they were Parisian and for some reason I didn´t believe them. I donºt go anywhere by myself with more than one man. I also was waiting for my host to take me to eat. After they left, an old woman came up to me and started talking to me. She was looking at the locks and we spoke in my awful broken French. She wanted to know where I was from, how old I was, and if I was going to leave a lock. She had been living in Paris for over 54 years. I always love talking to older folks aka walking historians. She was so nice, and then my host came and interrupted me and I had to leave. As I left, she was there looking at the locks and smiling at me as I waved back.

I am not in love, but I did leave a lock, as I had an extra on that day. I still have that key, I didnºt throw it into the river like people sometimes do. I donºt mind leaving my heart in Paris.

Before I came to Paris I thought the city was a walking cliche. Although the city may be dirty and maybe the French arent so warm and open, but Paris is really romantic. People kissing everywhere, holding hands, enjoying dinner, holding hands and strolling in the park. It was really is nice.

Three more days left here, and then off to the Netherregions........ I mean Netherlands.

Kisses from Paris !


Wild Boy said...

u really having fun! wish i were there sweets...Xo

Charlene said...

Nether regions! hehehe

A slip of the tongue, huh?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How great to be in Paris....Enjoy every moment....!

Thanks for coming by, my dear. As to those "tours"...I've never taken one and have NO idea if it they are any good or not.....! They may be terrible.

PorkStar said...

...and once I meet up with you all the romantic stuff will just go away... *muahaha

You know you're going to be doing two opposites in your trip to Europe, right? From seeing people making out on the streets of Paris to people getting on on a park in Amsterdam. From a very romantic atmosphere to pure lust and perversion. Our cup of tea.


Christiejolu said...

I loved this post...I have always wanted to go to Paris...The old architecture is amazing to me...

Jessica said...

That bridge is lovely; so happy you're having a good time.

Riot Kitty said...

You've been a great blog friend...I hardly blog at all on vacation. Love reading your updates!

LL Cool Joe said...

I agree with R Kitty, it's great to see your posts.

I think I didn't get past the dirt and the unfriendly people to enjoy Paris! Mind you London's hardly the warmest, cleanest city in the world either!

Red Shoes said...

I would love to know more about the 'locks'... 'locks' of hair? Or more like 'pad locks?'

It sounds as if you are having a BLAST!!! I am SO jealous!!!!


Just telling it like it is said...

I'm glad you see the world...yeah for you!!!

HMCinCali said...

romance that is what the world needs more of:-)

Pesto Sauce said...

After Europe come to Middle East also...not bad at all

Paul Nichols said...

Interesting. And certainly better than graffiti. Enjoy.

H said...

can't wait for you to visit my home cuntry the netherregion.

May your netherregion be fully satisfied in holland, if not let me know what this ducth boy can do for you :)

Jimmy's Journal said...

How cool! I'd like to go to Paris if only to see the Louvre.


Myra said...

How fun!!! I so admire anyone who will do things by themselves...they don't let not having someone to "do things with" stop them from doing what they love! I've always known you were a woman of the world. Continued fun!
bisou bisou

dadshouse said...

Your time in Paris sounds awesome! That drink with the 2 guys might have been fun, but I understand your caution. Can't be too careful. Have fun!!!!!

Irredento Urbanita said...

The best way to know the truth of a place is going there and feel it.



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