Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out of the Netherregions and back to your regions

Hello There My Little Wooden Clogs,

So guess what ? Mistress Senorita is back bitches !! I will promptly make my way around your bloggies. No more excuses, it's not like I'm out flirting with any French men or posing suggestively next to statues. I do have pics of that, would you like to see ?

I am back home in Cali, and I have been up since 7am this morning in Amsterdam (8 hours ahead of California), so the whole plane ride was sunny and I did not sleep. I am waiting for the exhaustion to hit me.

I can not tell you how thrilled I am to be alone in my own room on my bed in my shorts, and you know why I am in my shorts ? It's fucking hot outside. I came from the cloudy, cold, rainy Netherlands into the bright, sunny, hotter than Satan's asscrack hot weather, and I love it ! I was absolutely thrilled to look outside the airport window and see sunshine.

The weather in Holland got me sick, so I will be sure to drink a lot of Nyquil. I have the day off tomorrow, so I have a lot of errands to do before I go back to work.

I have so much to write about, but my last day in Amsterdam was spent going to the movies at the Tuschinski theater watching Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps. That movie totally rocked, I thought that the first one couldn't be matched, but Michael Douglas did an excellent job, and there were a few surprises that I won't give away. Luckily the movie was in it's original version of English with subtitles in Dutch. Before the film I did get to sit through Dutch movie previews and advertisements. I bought some Stroopwaffeln as souvenirs, but oopsies, I had a couple during the film

My flight was fairly uneventful, Thank God ! Well, except for dealing with my baggage. I was lucky to not be sat next to the screaming children. The airline had a wide selection of films, and I watched the foreign films, one was Dutch and one was in Italian. I just decided, oh hey, this looks interesting, let's give it a watch. Turns out they both had long, graphic sex scenes, and I was seated in the middle with another woman on each side of me. I know that they had to catch a glimps of what I was watching. The directors in these films seemed to to great lengths to show a lot of T&A.

So anywhooters my babies, that is all for now. Time for me to chill out and watch things I've missed out on for the past couple of weeks like Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives.

Besitos !


Choleesa said...

Welcome Home!!
The dilda from work just got back from Paris last week, she had a picture of a statue that was basically completely tarnished, except for his penis, which was polished to its original glory!!
I look forward to your pictures.

Riot Kitty said...

Feel better soon...maybe some $7 chocolate would help? (See my latest post.) I totally want to see the perverted pics!

Darrin.. said...

Welcome home! The trip sounds like it was awesome. Can't wait to see some pics!! Get some rest, and have a great week!

* Ashleigh * said...

I missed you!!! Call me tomorrow :)

Big Mark 243 said...

Glad you are back safe and can't wait to 'hear' more about your adventures!

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad you got back in one piece! Sounds like you packed a lot in, so to speak!

Looking forward to seeing the photos too. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! certainly had fun from the tone of ALL your posts. I had been incommunicado for about a month, just came back last week. I would like to see ALL your pix.

mac said...

It's good to see you made it home.

H said...

The damp climate in Holland, always give me a cold. Sometimes the best thing about a trip is coming home.

Stacie's Madness said...

glad you made it home safely, can't wait to hear all about it...and pictures too.

Memphis Steve said...

I'm glad you're back. It's been pretty lonely with you gone. Now lie down and let me get you a blanket and we'll watch reruns of Big Bang Theory together.

Danielle said...

Welcome home! Now start posting pictures damn it!

Red Shoes said...

LMAO @ 'long graphic sex scenes...' Really.. are there really any other kind?? ;o)

I wanna see the suggestive statue photos... you bet!!!

I hope you get to feeling better!!!