Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today was my lucky day !

What's Up My Little Furballs ?

So today it was hotter than Satan's asscrack outside. OMG ! While I was driving back to work from my lunchbreak, my car stalled at the traffic light. Now this has been happening for the past few months, and I would just start my car again. Not today.......... Today my car would not start and I was left in the middle lane. Even though I had my hazard lights on, the douchelords behind me honked at me. I rolled down my window and told them I couldn't start so they would lay off me.

I could not just move my car to the side because there was no room, and I was not going to try and cross the large intersection all by myself pushing my car. So I got out of the car with my phone in my hand and called my insurance company to come and tow the car and so people could clearly see I wasn't sitting on my thumbs.

I was hoping the first few guys behind me would stop to help me push, but they didn't. One guy told me there was a gas station ahead and to just push it there, but that was a big intersection to cross alone and I did not want to chance it. How did he think I could do that alone ? He could see I was visibly upset and scared. Whatever, I just thanked him and got back on the phone.

Luckily another guy saw me, parked his car ahead and ran up to help me. He pushed my car into a  U-turn while I steered and got me to a safer area. I was really thankful he helped me. A couple of minutes later I was able to start my car. (Oh the irony) I took it to the mechanic and got it fixed. Now I don't have to worry about stalling in traffic anymore, thank God ! That is such a relief !!

What else...............

Oh........ my coworker bought some labels from a medical supply store just for shits and giggles. The sticker reads : "For rectal use only". He found our other coworker's protein shakes and proceeded to stick them above the little metal foil opening. It was priceless. While he was doing that, I was standing outside the kitchen, making sure that no would disturb him.

And today I would have been there to witness the other dude drinking his proteinshakes with the rectal labels, but I was busy getting stalled by the intersection. But when I returned I heard that he was truly perplexed and thought that someone in the factory put it there. I thought he would've figured out it was just a joke, but he said that the stickers looked so legit that he was actually confused and brought them to my boss to have a look. Priceless !

Well my loves, that is all for now. Time to go watch trash TV and think about getting some sleep.

Besitos !


Big Mark 243 said...

That was quite douchey of those men blowing their horns. What the heck is up with Cali cats? Too good to get a little dirty? And passing up a chance to help a stone cold fox, what a bunch of lame-tards!!

Glad you got that fixed. Your co-worker must be douchey too, because I would not be able to drink anything that said 'for rectal use only'! Either he is a little douchey or a lot dumb!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad you got your car sorted out. I probably would have blown my horn at you too! Ha! No No I would have helped push your car of course.

Red Shoes said...

Oh wow... I'm so sorry... that's when I seem to have mechanical break-downs with my car... at the most inconvenient time!!!

I glad someone nice came along to help you out!!!

I think the 'For Rectal Use Only' thing should have required photos!!!



Bev said...

Holy stressful! I hate breaking down, but doing so in the middle lane in the hot weather sounds like HELL! I'm so glad someone finally helped you get out of the street. Shame on those other people for not helping a damsel in distress!

Anonymous said...

Car troubles are the WORST. I went through problems with my last car, and eventually had to sell it for parts, because I didn't have $5k to put into it.

I'm glad everything turned out okay though, even though it was frustrating and stressful.

And LOL at the medical labels. So funny. =D

Riot Kitty said...

Sorry about the car - what a bunch of assholes not to help! They deserve some of the stickers.

Kerrie said...

OMG, if that had happened to me I would not have been a happy bunny. I can not believe that it took so long for someone to help you, especially with you looking like you do in that top photo. You are just making me jealous.

Deepak Gopy said...

:) Really enjoyed the post

Jimmy's Journal said...

My last car was the champion of choking and stalling under pressure. No stalls while at a bar or nightclub, no stalling in my own parking lot.

No, the little bastard always elects to fuck up in a busy intersection during rush hour. I would have shot the sun-of-a-bitch if I had my pistol with me.

As for the honking assholes, my hopes are that they're involved in a headon crash with a lightpole somewhere in their immediate future.

Whew! I feel better already...


Alpha Za said...

haha,'ve given me an idea for a prank.

Sucks about your car, it's weird how it took so long for people to help you. In Pakistan whenever a woman driver has a car breakdown, it's almost required that everyman in vicinity drop what they are doing and go and help her out. What can I say, we're polite.

Pesto Sauce said...

That joke must have been fun, can imagine the look on his face

Just telling it like it is said...

I feel so bad for you...WHF? Is shivery gone? I'm so mad! Glad to see you home and safe!