Sunday, January 9, 2011

Senorita's Seven

So What's Up My Little Biscuits ?

How was your weekend ? Mine was decent, although I wish there was more excitement. I worked and stayed in all day today. I didn't feel like going our or anything like that. I really needed a day off all to myself. I finally got it, alone, all to myself.

Anywhooters......... Here is the Senorita Seven. Basically, I don't feel like writing in paragraphs, so I will just give it to you in a list.

Here goes...............

1.) I am eating the chocolates my Swedish host gave me last weekend. So delicious ! They are called Droste, and they are Dutch and not Swedish, but who cares ? Soooooo good.....

2. ) I am watching the newest Bachelor with Brad Womack. Wow, Brad is friggin' HAWT ! I am normally not into blondes (Senorita likes her some olive skin) but he is smokin'.

So I hear that he rejected two women from the past seasons and he's getting a lot of heat for it. I think one of the women slapped him. I didn't watch that season, so I can't say for sure.  I think that the heat he got was a little unfair. I think he did those ladies a favor by sending them home if he couldn't commit. If you don't feel it, you don't feel it and the sooner you cut the ties, the kinder you are being. I understand that the women felt they were being led on, but in romance aren't we all at some point so we can figure out if we are making the right decision or not ?

Do I think he is kind of a commitment phobe and has issues ? Maybe, and that is his problem, but can you honestly expect to find love and have it last on a TV show ? No, so I applaud him for owning up to his feelings.

All is fair and love and war. I truly believe that. Feelings will get hurt at some point, even though most of us start out with good intentions.

3.) I am moving by the end of the month and found a new place. I put down the deposit and got the key. Let the moving begin. Now I need to find some muscles to help me move.

4.) I am dancing in a troupe again this year at Rakassah (biggest bellydance festival in the world) and I got us a spot after spending all day on the phone. I haven't danced in a troupe since 2006, so I am nervous dancing with a big group of girls again. I've danced alone for so long. We shall see how things go. I am looking forward to getting a new costume.

5.) I am seriously thinking about galivanting around Europe this summer. I would like to travel to other places in the world like Latin America and the Middle East, but at this point it is difficult to find others to travel with me, so I really only feel comfortable traveling alone to Europe.

6.) I got my passport picture taken, and I look like a pimp smacked me up. My eyes are tired, my hair is hiding my tank top so it looks like I am not wearing any clothes, and I just look more Eastern European than I ever have before. I mean, I know my heritage is mainly Eastern European, but damn, it came out in that picture. I am scared to get that passport back.

7.) I really wonder what 2011 holds for me this year. If you had to make any predictions for me, what would you say ?

So that is all for now, loves.

Love, hugs, kisses and shimmies !



Riot Kitty said...

Congrats on the new place and dancing in a troupe! My prediction = 2011 will be great for you.

Scarlet said...

Traveling to Europe alone sounds just about as brave as belly dancing alone. You have guts, Chica! (Not that I wouldn't try either if given the opportunity...pero bueno.)

I'm sure your passport photo looks beautiful. I feel your 2011 will being with a European romance...a man with olive skin and a Portuguese accent will sweep you off your feet (and you will enchant him). How's that for a prediction??

Scarlet said...

PS - Should've read "begin" but I bet you figured that out already. :)

Big Mark 243 said...

I don't do predictions but I do wish the best for you Sondra!!


Great life. Congrats on the house.

Sassy Sassy said...

Lol. I'm watching the Brad Womack "Bachelor" too! And I agree - he is superhot! *drool*

But I did watch his first season, and I don't think he did anything wrong at all. Producers picked 30 girls for him. And he didn't like ANY of them.

Why's that HIS fault?!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Congrats of moving to a new spot. As one person who is about to move into a new place myself, I totally understand the excitement.

Also, if you ever travel to Atlanta to dance please let us know. I'd love to come see you dance. I love belly dancing. One of my friends' mother currently teaches belly dance.

H said...

I told you all things Dutch are delicious, I you like our chocolate you will love our....

In 2011 you will have..... hey if I could predict the future, I would be the next lottery winner.

PS why does prediction have dick in it? just curious

Shadowdancer said...

OK... we have to talk. Have you been keeping up on current events about the dangers in the Middle East or South America?

Ibhade said...


Dancing in a troupe?...yay! wonderful!

passports?...THEY ALL SUCK!

2011?...*cheers & goodluck*

mac said...

If you don't like pasty white guys, I suppose I could get a tan.

Then, I could spout some predictions ;-)

Danielle said...

Love me the bachelor!
I predict a year of growth and travel. LOL since that is basically you every year!