Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eff Me Friday................ UNPUBLISHED DRAFT FROM OCT 2009

Hello My Little Raspberry Truffles,

So today is Saturday, but I want to talk about yesterday, Friday where I missed taking my dose of Fukitol.

I was so sore from yoga that I was literally waddling my way around at work today, and today was the day that I had to lock every office door (a couple hundred of them) and check every lab.

I've also been sick, and recently acquired allergies. I've been sneezing, sniffling and tearing up.

I've blown my nose so hard my nose and lips are dry.

So at work, I asked the janitor if she had lotion, and she gave me her white lotion.

I rubbed a little of it on my nose and over my upper lip.

When I talked to my boss, him and my coworker were giving me dirty grins but wouldn't tell me specifically why. I went into the bathroom, and it looked like I had a little drop of naughty naughty on my face.

The last thing I wanted: Waddling around sneezing with white glob on my face.

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