Saturday, May 23, 2015

Finally Back !!

Well Hello there My Little Marshmallows !!

How art thou ? Miss me ? I shut this blog down and kept it on private for over a year, mainly because I moved to another state and needed to find a job and just didn't want to give anyone access into my private life.

So here is the skinny............................ Since I last blogged last March, I have since moved to South Florida, and life has really changed for me.

I am still in the legal field. I tried to start another blog under a different name and wrote in for a few times before I gave up on that altogether. I keep finding that no what, after however long, I keep coming back to this blog. Kinda like my Mr. Big of blogs, except this blog doesn't break my heart.

I have missed blogging and getting mouthy up here, it truly is therapy. I plan to share a lot of unsolicited advice and opinions with you all. Your welcome.

Here are some interesting little tidbits of information about my life .....................................

1) I have been blogging for almost twelve years !! I am a total Facebook whore, but this is where the true therapy lies.

2) Since I moved here to South Florida, I finally met in person two of my blogger friends from Miami, and one from Tennessee ! I even had my good blog friend Le Porkstar come to Miami for a visit.

3) I used to be more of a dog person, but have since transformed into a Crazy Cat Lady in the past couple of years. About a year ago, I started having roommates with cats, and they slowly won me over. When I first moved to Miami, the first place I lived at had a black cat that I truly adored.

4) I have lived in California for almost all of my life, but I feel that as a US Citizen, I should live at least another state before settling down and experience life in different parts of the country. I moved here because I wanted a fresh start, to kind of hit the "reset" button in life. Also because I watched a lot of reality TV from Miami and loved the gorgeous weather in the background. Florida has it's problems, but not as bad as California, and for now I am satisfied with my choice.

5) I now have red streaks in my hair.

I am gonna log off for now, but I shall be back.

Besitos !




Jimmy's Journal said...

Welcome back, my love !


mac said...

Luckily, I have been able to see you on Facebook. However, I kind of like frauline señorita :-)