Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gripes about searching for a new roommate

(I cross-posted this in MySpace.)

Hello there,

Okay, so I am trying to find a new place and I have consulted Craigs List every day. Here are some things that I am tired of:

1.) People that can't spell or write. You would think that these posters never learned proper punctuation, spelling, capitalization. Makes the person look like a total moron, and probably wouldn't be capable of preventing the house from burning down.

2.) People that don't post pictures of the place. Chances are if there isn't a picture, it is probably a shithole.

3.) People that fail to mention that I would also be living with their CHILDREN. No offense, but I don't want to worry if my lifestyle is PG enough for little Johnny.

4.) People that want me to pay a lot of money for the room but won't let me cook, bring people over or store anything.

5.) People that post pictures of a room, but when I actually see the place, I come to find out that it's not the room I would be renting. WTF ????? That's false advertising.

6.) Advertising a garage reformed into a bedroom as a master bedroom. Now that's recockulous.

7.) Oh, I also forgot to mention that I hate it when PEOPLE TYPE LIKE THIS. MAKES ME FEEL LIKE THEY'RE YELLING AT ME. Relax people, I'm a nice rational person. We can work this out.

I need my own place really bad.

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