Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary to me !

Hello there my lovelies,

Okay, so today is my third anniversary here in J-Land. I started it in my last semester of college during winter break. Gosh, how I miss those days. I got to get up, lounge around and watch TV all day. Anyway, at the time I was working as a waitress at Red Lobster and researching/planning my trip to Spain.

When I started it, I didn't think that I would continue to write for this long. I thought that it would be something I started out of boredom, but quit. But I am still here.

I don't know how many readers I have. I know that there are a couple of people that read and comment, which I really apppreciate. Most people though may read, but never comment. I am that way myself. I wonder how many people have been following my journal and what they think. I am grateful to everyone that's stopped by and taken interest.

I was chosen for AOL Journal of the Week in June 2005, but I haven't been nominated nor have I won anything since. In order for me to do that, I would need more graphics and colors on my page at the very least.  I am very bad at that. I would also need to write more thought-provoking entries. Let's face it. Most of my entries are about my daily activities, and I am writing to wind down, not win awards.

The thing that keeps me writing here, is that it's a form of therapy for me, and it is something for me to go back and reflect on later. Either that, or go back and think to myself "Now what the HELL was I thinking??" Though I love having readers and their comments, it doesn't determine whether I stay or not.

Anyway, that's all for me. Yay for turning three !!



happinessdreams said...

Congrats on your 3 years!!!! I do read your journal and i could def relate to many of things you write. I don't always leave a comment, but I do read, laugh and think to myself...yikes I do that!
Best wishes.

lifeplus0o said...

I read too, but I guess you knew that already and have been reading for a little over a year now, I guess.  Since you were in Spain anyway.

take care, have a happy New Year.

winivere2002 said...

Happy Anniversary. I had no idea you were a pro at this. ::::Bowing gracefully:::: LMAO... I have messed up, too, because like you, it is mostly for my own sweet sanity! I hope 2007 will be a better year for all of us. God help us, everyone. LOL

happinessdreams said...


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!