Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Hello there my lovelies,

Y'all know that I work as a receptionist at the front desk. Anyways, we get new flowers every Monday. I usually come in after they're delivered and I'm too caught up in what I'm doing to notice them.

Well yesterday I arrived early. It was a nice, sunny day outside and I was just relaxing for a moment before things got busy. And then the flower lady pulled up. She brought out the bouquet and spritzed the flowers to make them look pretty before she brought them in. She did it with a smile on her face and with care and brought them to my desk.

I felt like she was doing this all for me. And the boquet was gorgeous. Beautiful, thick lavender roses and big, yellow daisies. And they were fresh with little water droplets. I told that lady that she always delivers beautiful flowers and she smiled and told me to tell everyone to call her if they want flowers.

Those flowers put a smile on my face, and made my day. I've been staring at them all day.


zoorisk said...

It is good to know that they place such beautiful flowers next to someone as beautiful and wonderful as you are.  Keep smiling and brightening the world with your beautiful smile.

winivere2002 said...

That is a very nice thing for the company to do. I have never heard of such an idea. I wish all offices did the same thing. Perhaps your job has some perks?