Sunday, January 21, 2007

My First Troupe


Hello there my lovelies,

I found this picture on my friend's MySpace profile. I am on the very far right. I think this was taken in early 2003. I was just starting out with dance classes. I didn't intend to join a troupe, but I ended up doing so because I desperately wanted to improve and get exposure. Everyone else there was performing too, so I didn't want to feel left out. I was a baby back then, and looking back I really improved my moves. I keep thinking that I have such a long way to go that sometimes I forget to look back and remember how much I have improved over time.

We were called Jewels of the Oasis. My best friend is on the very far left, but she and I didn't become best friends until a couple of years later. While this troupe lasted I formed a strong bond with these women. I lost touch with a couple and wish I knew where they were.

Troupes don't really last that long. And if they do, they are few and far in between. Last year I was part of my second troupe, Jewel of Opar, but now I am not fully involved anymore. Only when they need a sword dancer. At the time, there were 18 of us girls and it got to be too much. There was also some cattiness and bossiness involved. Now there are only 4 or 5 of us left and things are much nicer.

I look back on the memories of my first troupe fondly.


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