Saturday, January 13, 2007

See a bellydancer in Action

Well hello there again my lovelies,

Last month I danced at a birthday party as a favor for my friend. It was the least I could do for her, especially since she let me use her studio in her house to practice all year long. Not only would she do that, but sometimes she would make me dinner or let me try on costumes.

I was one of the dancers. There were about 4 other women that danced alone as well as a troupe. Everyone there was so talented. It was a very nice evening.

The audience mainly consisted of older Persians. You know the saying, "Once you go Persian, there is no other version."

Anywho, here is the link to my pictures, since I have no clue how to transport the slideshow here.

Enjoy !!



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winivere2002 said...

Thanks for sharing, Sandra. Why did you cut your hair?! Or are the pictures of your inner beauty older than these? Hope your hair will grow back fast. =.)