Thursday, January 4, 2007

Well hello there my lovelies..........

So........... Y'all know that I have a new journal. I added people, but apparently people still can't read my entries. So now I think that I have to add people one by one.

So far I have been coming up with material every day for my entries. I also like to go back and add more to previous entries. Having two journals is kinda cool, if you ask me.

As you know, my grandpa died last year in April, so now my aunt is opening up his house and giving away all his posessions to us before she has an estate sale. My grandpa died at 92, so he had 92 years and I think four marraiges to accumulate his stuff. He lived in Long Beach, so a lot of my family went down to get furniture, dishes, books, art.

My grandpa was an artist and made a lot of sculptures, statues, some paintings and photos. I have a small bronze statue of a woman's body, and I adore it. It' too bad I can't make it down there. I can't take time off work, and I have no room in my house for furniture. My landlord wouldn't allow it. Oh well. My brother went, though and he's gonna bring me back some stuff. Apparently there was still so much stuff that there was a rule: If you say, "this is nice" you have to take it.

Anyway, I am done babbling for now. I'll write more later.


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