Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Hi Loves,

I hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend ! For the first time in years, I don't have to work and I am getting paid for it.

I took a little nap yesterday around 4pm and then woke up at 11pm. I then went back to bed at midnight and woke up around 9. Some much needed sleep.

I spoke to my grandma and grandpa yesterday and it's always nice to talk to them. You all know how much I love them. My grandma is turning 90 this July, and she was telling me that today she is going to think about her brothers who fought in the war. Luckily they came back to live full lives, but they did serve and I grew up hearing about their adventures.

My grandpa was in the Navy (very handsome military picture he has) and my other grandpa was a dentist in the Coast Guard.

My great-grandmother's charity of choice was the American Red Cross and her and my grandmother put in a lot of hours there.

I was born and raised in this country, and I am proud to be an American. I am also very grateful to these men and women that have died fighting for our country, because not only do we have the freedoms that we do because of their sacrifices, but I don't have to fight, because they stood up for me.

I will be very honest and say that I am against war, and I don't fight when I don't have to. If it is required of me, I will do my duty. But since I don't have to, I don't, and I am grateful to the people who have and continue to do so. I don't always agree with the choices that the president and congress make. I don't always agree with how our men and women are being sacrificed. But I will always be on the side of the troops. They are the ones who actually do the job, the ones who ultimately pay the price and for that I am grateful.

Before I log off, I would like to show appreciation to a couple of people:

1.) KrippledWarrior- I know Memorial Day honors the fallen soldiers, but although he is still with us, he has fought for our country. I am assuming from his blog name that he probably got injured in the line of duty for us. If I am wrong, please let me know. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man. God Bless him !

2.) My friend Henry served his time in the Marine Corps and now works as a federal officer in the veteran's hospital. This guy is a pistol and I love his snark and wit. I feel sorry for those that get on his bad side. I have known him for about 5 years now, and he is a true gentleman, which is a rarity nowadays. I visited him in NYC and him and his mother were fabulous hosts to me. His mother is a wonderful woman, and I had a wonderful time talking to her. She makes the best pancakes.

That is all for now. I am going to try and get a workout in.

Besitos !


Anonymous said...

happy mem day, babes!

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial Day!

Mike said...

Enjoy the day off. It's a beautiful thing.

Fireblossom said...

Enjoy your holiday, Sleeping Beauty.

Ily said...

Thank God for their courage and dedication. We are all here because of them. Happy Memorial Day, Chica!

Riot Kitty said...

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I hope your weekend and extra day off were great. =)

Candace said...

happy memorial day! and glad you got the day off...and paid no less!

mac said...

I had to work today. But, I did get paid for it :-)

As a veteran myself, I know the sacrifices some of those guys made all too well. We owe them a tremendous debt.

Senorita said...


I am sorry, I did not know that you are a veteran. Had I known I definitely would have mentioned you. I did not mean to leave you out.

Thank you for your service to this country.

Red Shoes said...

Great post, Ms Senorita!

You are right... we don't have to agree with what the President and Congress want to do, but these men and women are committed to what they are ordered to by the oath they take...

Wonderful tribute!!


mac said...

Don't sweat it. I am, but I'm OK and alive ;-)

Service in the Army was what took me to Germany. That's what allows me to appreciate your posts about your Austrian heritage too :-)

dadshouse said...

Wonderful sentiment. Memorial day is a good time to reflect on those who serve our country, and we all should be grateful. Glad you enjoyed your long weekend!

KrippledWarrior said...

You are correct!
Thank you for the Kudos.
And thank you for getting MEM-Day.
and for not forgetting MEM-Day.
Love you big bunches,

Just telling it like it is said...

Your so sweet! I too have a love for our service men that sacrificed! Thank you for honoring them

Pesto Sauce said...

We all love our country, don't we?

MsH said...

Thank you for your post.

Supporting our troops does not = supporting decisions of our government. I notice that many government decisions does not support our troops, especially when they get out. One example is my cousin in the Iraqi war (2 cousins and 1 Uncle actively served in that war in which we are still in).

Here is the condensed story. He received a dear john letter from his wife which had not seen in a long time plus his adorable daughter. His troop gets attack and he is one of the only survivors. He goes to the hospital in DC then the mental holding place because he is completely messed up. Gets released and starts rebuilding his life and what does the government send him - A Bill. A bill for his uniform which I guess he lost track of in the fight. Common sense would lead one to think it may not have been safe to be worrying about clothes and helmet during and after such a tramatic situation.

Okay enough of my bitching about a war where my Uncle flew his Apache mostly over oil fields...hmmm Show me where the money/benefit is I will give you the reason.

I still fly my American flag and every war I had family in. Thank you to the troops.

PorkStar said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Memorial day.


Te extraño mucho mami.

Anonymous said...

Happy mem day, .....i hate war also!

Paul Nichols said...

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