Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday's Quickie

Hello My Little Birdies,

Happy Sunday ! I am about to go dance at a birthday party, and I am typing this as I am waiting for my nails to dry. Here are my random thoughts in no particular order.

1.) It will be 10 years on May 14th that I got a second chance at life. I walked away without a scratch from a serious car accident, that I still think about, and will probably think about for the rest of my life. My best friend in college was with me, and we both were unharmed. You could call it luck or probability, but I won't. I am still greatful to be alive.

Last year I witnessed an accident like mine right in front of me, where one of the people wasn't so lucky, and for sure she had to be hauled off in an ambulance to a hospital. I blogged about that before.

I will have to blog about this further as that date gets closer.

2.) I miss my grandma and grandpa. I definitely owe them a phonecall.

3.) I've been feeling the blues lately. I can't help it, and I hope it passes. Especially since summer is around the corner. Depression is one mean bitch that just creeps up on me and will always be behind me (especially since I am not on meds), a whisper or shoulder tap away from me, ready to help me feed into my insecurities.

4.) I had the best pancakes ever yesterday after our 3.5 mile run. They were so good. I also ate roasted potatoes after.

You have no idea how satisfying those pancakes were. Warm, fluffy, topped with powdered sugar, butter and syrup. My friend reminded me about my weight loss goals, but I didn't give a shit then.  I was thinking "fuck it" That breakfast was totally worth it, but we did more dance routines and I ate small, healthy meals after that.

Okay my little featherballs, that is all for today !

Besitos !


Charlene said...

Your pancake indulgence sounds like when I infrequently stop at the DQ here and get biscuits and gravy. The only thing that keeps me from them daily is I'm too lazy to go out or out of my way to buy them.

Bossy Betty said...

Hope that sadness leaves you soon! Did you talk to your grandparents?

I think you should post more about your accident. What a powerful experience that must have been!

Fireblossom said...

Really good pancakes are one of life's pleasures for sure, as are good roasted taters!

Mama Zen said...

Now, I want pancakes!

Big Mark 243 said...

A 'quickie' is all I prolly have in me... I am worn out after my run!

I have wondered about 'the black dog' as Churchill called it. Think someone gave me a script for Xanax or something. Didn't help but the therapist did.

Hate to hear that you are feeling conflicted and whatever. Did I ever tell you how beautiful a person that I think you are, inside and out?

The new picture in your header is like a ray of sunlight through the blinds. A treat and a reminder that once you get outside there is a lot more waiting on you. You are the only belly dancer that I know and it would be worth it for me to come out to SF to see you dance.

Yeah, I am rambling a little... anywho, here's to you and having a great evening!!

Ily said...

You have to indulge every once in a's too short not to. I don't overdo it but I will not turn a healthy craving down!

I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean about the blues creeping up out of nowhere. Keeping busy doing things you like helps!

Keep dancin' Chica!! :)

mac said...

Dance, Dance, Dance !


Red Shoes said...

Hmmm... I was thinking today about the several times that I could have died in various and sundry events... and I mean really died...

I guess we all have those moments...

Pancakes... yum... maybe for breakfast tomorrow...

I hope all is well with you... :-O


Anonymous said...

Not luck or probability SENORITA, but GOD'S divine intervention for HE believes everybody deserves a 2nd chance to right the things they had done wrong. Indeed! YOUR ETERNAL GRATITUDE IS TO HIM.
Y-e-a-h! DEPRESSION! my MOST UNWANTED VISITOR that i had learned to IGNORE by B-L-O-G-G-I-N-G! so try SURFING through the waves of blogs when you sense it's EVIL PRESENCE!
Oh! better call your grannies! you missing them is a TELEPATHIC message.....they are missing you also...happy workers day.


I LOVE roast potatoes especially with lamb and mint sauce.

Jessica said...

Roasted potatoes are definitely at the top of my list of comfort food.

dadshouse said...

I love a good pancake! I'm eating bananan-pineapple pancakes lately. A taste of aloha.

Nails dry yet?

MsH said...

Indulgence is good once in a while, but seriously I do not know how you ate all those pancakes!!!! You are such a tiny person the plate was giant! Then it is beyond comprehension when you started eating the potatoes!

Obviously it does not affect you because in those skippy belly outfits you looked gorgeous the next day.

I have always been cautious of my weight, since a teenager, and it did not help that my now ex-Husband was always on me for being fat- didn't help that he cheated on me and then married a 80lb woman. So I am ultra sensitive about weight stuff.

Add to that my health stuff...and that is where I am coming from with what seems healthy or not.

I am impressed that you ate the whole plate! Shocked, but impressed and you are soo much fun with your love of cake. Definetely fresh.

KrippledWarrior said...

Call your grandparents. You owe it to yourself. You'll thank me later.

Danielle said...

I LOVE pancakes and you do deserve it. 3.5 miles is a great run!

Just telling it like it is said...

Oh my beautiful...Life is a gift...and I am sure that you have something special that you are to do!!...I know I have had a life and death experience and God have me the gift of saving lives...spared as a child...that I can't speak about!!

Deine Mutter said...

Enjoy the pancakes! They are worth every single calorie...and the way you are working out lately, together with your youth - you can afford to do that once in a glad you enjoy yourself.

As for depression, I wish I could offer some help - please take care and know that you are very much loved....

lots of love,

Deine Mutter