Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I Have Quiz Fever

On or Off?

On or Off?

LADIES: Turned ON or OFF or DM [don't mind] when a guy:

Rides a skateboard: DM

Dresses like a surfer bum: OFF            

Dresses in all black: DM

Plays a musical instrument: Very ON 

Is shorter than you: OFF

Is taller than you: ON! HELLA ON!

has chapped lips: OFF

Has green eyes: DM

Has blue eyes: DM

Has brown eyes: ON!

Drinks alcohol: OFF

Smokes cigarettes: OFF. Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray 

Smokes pot: OFF. That shit smells like ass

has brown hair: ON

Has Black hair: ON

Has blonde hair: OFF                                                                         

Has red hair: OFF

Wears tight pants: OFF. Makes me think he doesn't like women

Dresses like prep: ON

Plays a sport:ON                                                                                               

Has an accent: ON

Can pick you up:ON !!                                                                            

Works out: Definitely an ON !!                                                          

Smiles a lot: ON, HELLA ON

Calls you just to say hi: ON

Is a deep thinker: ON

Lets you know whats on his mind: ON

Has facial hair: DM

wears eyeliner: Eww, OFF

eye brow piercing: OOOOFFFFFF!!!

Has Tattoos: OFF

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