Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pictures and Updates

Hello there my lovelies,

Lately, my AOL software completely shutdown so I have been having problems posting pictures. I finally deleted the AOL stuff and downloaded new AOL software, so I am good to go again.

Anyways, here are some pics of my party. The first few pics are of San Francisco as we were driving into the city. We did manage to get ourselves very lost. Once we got to the room we chilled out and relaxed a little bit before getting dressed and going downstairs. We watched Elimidate, which is one of my favorite shows.

The party was nice. Lots of food and dessert and dancing. I got a little drunk early on, but sobered up later. It was so funny seeing higher management drunk. The room was also very nice, especially after dark. I had a very nice view of the city.

I did post a pic of my date and I. I invited him out and paid for everything. It was wierd, since usually I am the one that likes to get asked. When my coworkers found out I went and asked him to be my date, they thought I was gutsy. I really don't know if it was or not, but I really wanted to go to the party with someone. And I did. For a moment, I put my pride aside and asked. Although it was a good experience for me, I won't be doing this again.

There was about 1,000 people attending the party. I didn't even know half the people there. I was surrounded by so many people, but felt really lonely. Has that ever happened to you ? Happens to me all the time when I am surrounded by many people that I don't know.

As you know from my last journal entry I was transferred to another branch. Well, as of Tuesday this week I was transferred yet AGAIN. And this time I was transferred to a new district so I temporarily have a new district manager. Around New Years I should be transferred back into my old district. I know, it's almost confusing.

I feel like I am starting all over. It's so wierd because each branch runs its business differently so although I am familiar with all the procedures, butI have to get used to my new boss, coworkers, and how far they bend the rules. ALL over again.

Anyways, that's all for now. Ciao.



kdwsunshine said...

Your date is pretty cute.
I know what you mean about being surrounded by people and still feeling lonely.
I feel that way alot.
I would be confused and aggravated about all the switching that they are doing.
What is their reason for it?

teesbabe00 said...

Great pictures, cute date, and i love your dress! I too know that lonely feeling while surrounded by a lot of people.

Good luck with work & happy holidays!


happinessdreams said...

I love your dress!! You looked hot! Your date is very cute!

jcrazytrain said...

OMG Bgreat dress and u look beautiful! so behind on my alerts:o) D