Friday, December 16, 2005

Juvenile Things I did Today

Hello there, my lovelies................

Yes, I am immature and childish. I have a pottymouth, and twisted sense of humor. That is established. I could go on and blame my father for these traits, but I am a big girl now. So I accept responsibility for that. I am sure my old man would appreciate that. Love you, Dad !

With that said, I want to confess to some stuff I did today. I made reservations on my company's website using dirty names. Either that or I made reservations under my coworkers names and numbers. I know my old boss will have his panties in a twist over that. I remember his reaction when the guys at another branch did it to him. Priceless. So I think he will be expecting Mr. Long Dong when the branch first opens. Oh, did I mention that we recently had a guy named Mr. Will Swallow walk in my new branch ? You can never really tell anymore.

Due to the holidays, I have been eating a little more junk than normal. I have increased my ASSets, if ya know what I mean. And I wore a long, tight skirt to work today, so I am sure it was obvious. Anyways, my coworker and I had to drop off some vans at SJSU and then we waited to get picked up outside.

I was talking to my coworker, so my back was facing the street where there was a steady stream of cars passing by. So while my back was facing the street, my coworker decided to keep count of how many people stared at my ass as they drove by. Well, out off a stream of 10 cars, 9 stared. A couple of ppl honked. One barked, and a few drove around the corner to have another look. There were more cars, and many looked. My coworker told me that an old lady stared. That was come cheap entertainment to keep me occupied until our ride came.

On another note (if you're still reading) I scored a 95.7% on my huge work exam I took last week with about 330 questions. That exam took me 3 hrs to finish. My district manager gave me a $300 gift card to Target for temporarily moving out of my area as well as passing my exam.

Well, thats enough useless information for you to know about me for now. I shall update later.

Ciao Ciao.


kdwsunshine said...

LOL, sounds like you were having some fun, but be careful since this journal is public and don't get yourself in trouble. You never know who is reading this. Thats one of the main reasons that I am private. I said something about work one time and the next thing I know, Im in the Chief's office having to explain myself. Someone who didn't like me was reading my J unknowinly to me and she took my words and twisted them and emailed them to the Chief. It wasn't fun at all.

zoorisk said...

Congrats on passing the exam.  I knew you would do well.  Do be careful what you do write on the journal when it concerns work.  I have seen people get in trouble over simple words that do get twisted around.  Take care.

happinessdreams said...

congrats on your exam! Nice job! A $300 gift card to Target is awesome gift. I would love it!