Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hello all,

I stayed home from work today. I am tired, have sinus problems and am cramping. I am not getting sick pay because I think I already used up all my sick days. But I don't care because I got a big tax refund so I could afford this. I was gonna work out this weekend, but I think that I am just gonna have to go on Fri.

I am not really gonna use the tax refund for splurge purposes. Just to pay my bills because I really could use it. I also used some of it to open up a savings account. I am hoping to finally get a real full sized bed from my roommate. Just waiting for her to sell it to me. I was supposed to get it a week ago, but it looks like it'll be a couple more weeks.

Anyways, I am done babbling for now. I'll babble some more later.

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zoorisk said...

I hope that the little rest you get today will make you feel better.  Good idea about putting some of tax refund into saving.  You never when a rainy day may come.