Friday, March 24, 2006

A Day In Rental Hell.

Hello there,

OMG. Today at work sucked so bad. It sucked big hairy, smelly donkey balls. Sometimes our customers just make me wanna go up to a wall and bang my head against it repeatedly. Seriously. Some people are so unreasonable, demanding and bitchy. I am usually very patient with people and really, I've worked as a waitress for a few years so I can handle bitchy/cranky/entitlement whore customers.

But today I had three bitchy demanding women that asked me the same questions over and over, in a row. I got off work 45 minutes late. The first woman was rude and played the race card. She was awful, but I will skip her for now. I really don't have the energy to talk about her.

The last bitch(oops, I mean woman) took the cake. I picked her up around 5:45 from the body shop. We close at 6pm. First she managed to negotiate a car for an unreasonably low rate. After that was over, I was hoping that I could get her to our branch and get her on her way.

Nope. She forgot her drivers license. She was bitching and whining when I refused to rent her a car without a license. Um, last time I checked, the law states you can't be on the road without a license, so why the fuck would I rent her a car without one and break the law??

So, I had to drive her ass all the way to her house so she could get her license and then drive her back and rent the car.  Even though we were technically closed by the time I took her to her house. Lemme tell you that traffic here in San Jose is no picnic. I hit every traffic light on the way there. The whole time her kid was screaming and crying. And to top it all off she asked me the same stupid questions over and over. We're closed on Sundays and she kept asking me why we were going to charge her for the car if she kept it on Sunday.

I work my ass off. I don't care anymore. It is time to look for something else. I do my best, and I always bend over backwards to help my customers. But when they bitch and moan and don't allow me to offer solutions, then they can go and fuck themselves. I am so tired of being a doormat.

Did I mention some guy that rents from us decided to play around and act like he was gonna run me over in the parking lot?? I don't joke around in front of cars. And he couldn't understand why I didn't find it amusing that he was in a big truck and awfully close to me while I was walking. I didn't realize it was a customer, so when he was doing that, I was cursed at him. There goes my customer satisfaction score.

And today I also went to my last dance practice with my troupe before our dance performance on Saturday. I am so glad this is it. I love to perform, and I am looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to NOT having to put up with those girls anymore. I will miss some of them, but not the rest. No more snide remarks, no more feeling left out, no more bossiness. No more cattiness. Now I can go find a new teacher.

Anyways, it's late and I have a long, long day tommorow. Ciao :)



kdwsunshine said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a crappy day!!
This sounds like one of the reasons that I don't work with the general public.

lmitc89854 said...

I am in a service industry too. You did have a sucky day!

zoorisk said...

It sure sounds like a really bad day.  I have to deal with people and they can be very nasty.  I hope that you have a better day this weekend.