Tuesday, March 7, 2006

I am in a bad mood today, so bear with me.....

Hello All,

Today was a long day. I am tired. I was helping a customer and asked for his drivers license to rent him a car. And when I looked at the address, I realized that he was my next door neighbor. That was such a coincidence. It was a nice one.

 I am also sick of people in general right now. My customers can be so demanding sometimes. And sometimes no matter how much we bend over backwards and try to help people, they always find a way to stick it to us even more.

I am sick of being demanded to do stuff. I can't stand being bossed around. Customers don't understand that we have strict policies to follow when we rent on cash. If a customer doesn't have a credit card, of course we are going to be more stricy when we rent them a car. Anyone that pays with a debit card can close their bank account and steal our car.

I am also sick of people that don't fucking bathe. Seriously. I helped this Indian guy that reeked of curry. And by the time I got out of the car, I smelled like an Indian dish. My coworker was bitching me out and lighting matches around me. I also helped another guy that had the dirtiest nails. When he smiled there was brown stuff caked between his teeth. Did I mention that he also smells nasty ????

Anyways, I am gonna stop my bitching for now. Ciao Ciao.


kdwsunshine said...

Those are all valid reasons why I hate working with the public.
Take a deep breath, you can make it through the week!

happinessdreams said...

yup working with the public is very hard and frustrating at times.

zoorisk said...

You have the right to be so upset, working with the public can be very demanding and not to mention the smell on some people can make you very sick.  People think they can do whatever the hell they want no matter who they step on.