Monday, February 8, 2010

Howdy Neighbor ? How's about a cup of sugar ? Underpants ?

Hello There My Little Truffles,

So I don't have much to write, but I did want to pop out to say hello !

I just got done doing my laundry here in my complex. Some dude left his wet clothes in the washer, so I put it in the dryer for him. He left money in the dryer so I just switched it over so that I could use both wash machines. I haven't changed a stranger's laundry in soooo long, and yes I saw his skivies. Awkward !

What was more awkward was when he showed up. I didn't know what to say. "Hey dude, I saw your Calvin Kleins so we may as well introduce ourselves." Instead I just told him I switched his laundry over for him. It was he who decided to introduce himself to me and told me he would be back soon to claim his clothes as to not get in my way. How nice of him.

He was one of the nicer ones. Luckily I don't have to see many of my neighbors, but one woman took the cake. I was coming home, and I opened the door of the complex as she was coming out to walk her dog. I could've pretended to ignore her, but I held the door open for her and her dog and tried to say hello. She then looked at me and told me that I needed to call who I was there to see. She thought I was trying to get a free pass in the apartment. I thought I heard wrong, so I asked her to repeat herself and she did. It's probably because I looked a little younger with my hair down and my baggy work uniform.

She did not even say hello or introduce herself and she already decided that I was trying to just gain access into the building and didn't belong. I lost my smile and told her that I live there, and offered to take her upstairs to show her around. I am pretty sure we live on the same floor. She backed off, and told me she had never seen me before, and I pretty much walked away as fast as possible. But I wanted to tell her that I saw her before. I saw her because she was the twat that almost hit my car while I was in it while she was trying to parallel park on the street earlier that week.

On another note, my roommate hires a cleaning service and I can't tell you how nice it was today to come home to a clean bathroom and room. They straightened up my room and made my bed. Bless their hearts.

So that is all for now my little chocolately treats.

Besitos mis amores !


Secretia said...

In past years, before I had a washer and dryer, there were periodic arguments in the laundromats, people think they can identify wet clothing in a washer, but it turns out not to be theirs.
Bitter arguments!


Kerrie said...

Neighbours can be a strange breed. We usually try to rub along but sometimes they just rub you up the wrong way. I don't think I could have resisted recalling the car incident to snotty dog woman. Well done for the restraint.

Ms. Jenni [xo] said...

My nextdoor neighbors are hit and miss. It's the wife really.. usually if she's knocking on the door it's to bitch about something. And the something is usually one of my pets [which is usually the dog]. Whenever the door knocks and I see it's her, I just roll my eyes and sigh.

Bev said...

Aw, you are a nice neighbor! I wish everyone would reciproate and show you some respect.

So, was the Calvin Klein-wearing dude cuuuuute? :)

The Pipster said...

Rude people suck and cleaning services do not suck. Nothing brightens one's day like a nice clean home/room/bathroom.

mac said...

Shared laundry facilities suck! I work with a very quiet lady who told me the upstair guy stold her undies. I, half jokingly, told her I could stop by and make him give them back.

She said, "That's OK, I don't really want them now"... Yeah, I kind of understand that.


Danielle said...

It's weird how some people are with their neighbors.
Love me some cleaning people and clean toilets!

MindyMom said...

It's been a long time since I did laundry in a shared facility. Can't say I miss that - or getting my stuff stolen!

Big City Dad said...

We have this creepy old guy as a neighbor who never remembers who we are when we pass him in the hall. He's either really nice or an angry yeller. Total gibberish in both cases. Weird.

dadshouse said...

That's hilarious that your neighbor didn't recognize you as living there. Not funny for you, but a funny story. Go borrow sugar from her daily until she realizes it's you!

Memphis Steve said...

I have to say, only an old woman could possibly live in the same building as you and not realize she has seen you before. I'll bet every man in the place noticed you the instant he first saw you and hasn't forgotten that heart-fluttering experience.

* Ashleigh * said...

Did they leave a mint on your pillow??!

FierySaggGirl said...

Now how could she not remember the friendly Sag girl?! Amazing how we could still put on a smile when we feel like tripping someone!

Juliana said...

Neighbors---man I have stories. Coming from a NOT so desperate housewive. Anyhoo--I love your header and your entire blog is just beautiful!

I am your newest follower! I really hope you will pop on over to my blog and follow back. I have two blogs, but my main blog is A Blonde Walks Into A Blog. Happy Valentines Day, Juliana.