Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ramblings of the week.............

Hello There My Little Chocolates !

So I took the lightrail to work today and it smelled like old, homeless ass. Which isn't too much of a stretch, since I've seen a few homeless guys on the trains. Last week one of the guys pretty much coughed in my face. He didn't do it purposely, he just didn't give a shit. I got up and immediately walked to the other side of the train.

Today's train just smelled more fermented today than it usually does. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

There was also this middle-aged Filipina lady that got on after me. She was looking out the window and having conversations with herself in Tagalog. I looked and saw no earpiece, so she had to be having a one-on-one with herself. I didn't pay much attention after that. (I hope she gave herself good advice ! )

Until she started singing like a cat. Meow ! Meow ! Meow ! Meow ! (And not the Meow Mix commercial)  While she was excercising her vocals, I noticed a mole the size of a spider on her face, with hair coming out in all directions.

I remember when I used to work at Staples as a cashiering wench. We had a lot of customers with moles the size of spiders on their faces with hairs the size of daddy-long legs coming out. And it was just too hard not to look away. Some of these people would move real close to my face to speak too.

Did I also mention that the neighbors little rat dog decided to leave a little brown present on our carpeted floor by my apartment door ? This dude lives right across from me, and his dog shat in our little corner. Thank God it wasn't on our welcome mat. My roommate is kind of a neat-freak and wasn't happy about the presents left by our door.

I decided not to do anything about it, or say anything because the guy across from me has always offered to help me move heavy boxes, and saved my ass when he saw me lifting a heavy bookshelf by myself up the steps. He was waiting in his car for his wife and kids in the freight zone, got out and helped me. It was really nice, especially since it was raining outside. So I decided not to stir up shit (pun intended) with the neighbors. I let sleeping dogs lay. ( Pun not intended)

And he is forgiven for owning a little rat dog, since he is married.

Other than that my little chocolate delights, I am still cleaning house. I stumbled across old letters and e-mails. Letters from my grandparents and aunts and uncles. They were really looking out for me over the years. I will continue to save letters from family. My grandmother's notes to me are very precious, from both grandmothers. I have a huge stack of handwritten notes and cards with handwritten notes from my grandma and grandpa. Thankfully even though they have a computer, they still believe in the written word.

I also found my dad's letters. I saved almost all of his cards and letters he wrote with his words of wisdom.

Speaking of my dad, he has been holding down our family. He has been taking care of my grandparents and running their business, as well as my former stepmother. My former stepmother was recently diagnosed as possibly terminally ill ( don't want to put it all out there) and my dad stepped up to the plate and is taking care of her. She is too young to have an older person's disease and needs all the love and support she can get, and my dad is doing all he can for her.

And for that he should be recognized. My grandmother tells me all the time how wonderful he is. I hope that my stepmom feels better with my dad there and heals faster.

And I hope my dad gets a vacation after all is said and done. He deserves it.

So that is all for now loves.


* Ashleigh * said...

Meowing like Punkin? hehe jk.

My District Manager for Sbux had a huge mole with a single hair coming out of it. It was front and center on her face, so you couldn't miss it. Every time I saw it, I had to restrain myself from reaching out and yanking on it.

I hope your dad is holding up ok with the family stuff!

Big Mark 243 said...

I hope I am not 'reading too deep' into things when I say that this reads light and happy. You are doing well and feeling as good as you look!

Secretia said...

In tough times like that, often one family member will step up and show the goodness and the strength that is within them. Your Dad is good.

dadshouse said...

How do you go from chocolate to old homeless ass in one sentence?! That has got to be a record.

Meow! Meow! Are you sure that wasn't just my neighbor's friggin' cat in that lady's ass? Hahahahahaha

Irredento Urbanita said...

Your life could be anything but never boring.

Hugs from Barcelona


Darrin.. said...

Man.. sounds like you could write volumes about train folk! I really can't relate. Living out in the great wide expanse of the Wild Wild West.. I've never EVER rode on a commuter train, light rail, subway, or bus. Mass transit is seriously lacking out here, although Denver is getting on board with light rail etc.

It's such a stark contrast to Cali! I can get to my parents house 30 miles away in under a half hour by getting on the interstate. Around here in the tri-city area, if anyone mentions the Highway.. it can only be ONE which is I-25. NO JOKE! It's the main highway that cuts all the way across Colorado. We have no gridlock, and have never been late to work because of traffic. I know.. we're spoiled. I can attest to this because we visit Cali once a year, and always end up cussing the traffic!

Oh, and your blog banners.. just keep getting cooler and cooler. Or... do I mean hotter? LOL!