Monday, July 25, 2005

A Girly Post and Rant

Hello Everyone,

Elisa, I just wanted to let you know that I thought about you a lot yesterday. You see, I was sitting at Starbucks just minding my own business and reading over my boring ass health insurance plans and boring insurance terms.

Then all of a sudden two cops walked in. All dressed in their crisp, cop uniforms with their shiny badges proudly on display on their chests. One of them was so fine. I just stared while they were getting their coffee. The older guy saw me staring and knew that I was staring. But I didn't care. What were they gonna do ? Arrest me for staring ? I wouldn't have minded.

Then there was this other guy studying. He was so fine too. I didn't see him until I left. He was a stud with his head buried in his books. He kinda smiled at me and I blushed.

It is no secret that I like men in uniform. Nor is it a secret that I like men that are intelligent and studious.

Speaking of secret, I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday. They don't sell DD bras in their stores anymore. They just go to D. They claim that there isn't a high enough demand. What kind of bullcrap is that ????? There are plenty of naturally "blessed" women out there, not to mention women that pay for augmentation. It's not my fault that God decided to bless me.

I think that I am gonna have to go into business. Because I am so damn sick of searching high and low for a nice bra. And I always get stuck with the plain or granny designs. Would it kill the people at Vic Secret to use lace or put on cute designs ? Maybe they are jealous. Who knows at this point.

Anyways, that is all for today. I had a big, long day at work today. But I will write about that next time. Ciao.


readmereadyou said...

Now why don't I feel sorry for you, Miss DD. LOL!

happinessdreams said...

Its veyr sweet to know that you were thinking of me. Now you know how I feel about cops, firemen, in uniform just do it for me. Oh they love it when we long as is not in a sick Stares are  a way of flirting.
So u were flirting with cops and didn't invite me! Lol.
Hey missy you are naturally blessed. Victoria Secrets sucks for not having your sexy.
Look into the lingerie places...i'm sure they have bras for voluptous women like you!
Later chica.

emfeasel said...

..lord I am a DD too.....when I find a bra that works I buy a's hard being big on top and smaller on bottom..all those cute sets...pffffft!...(sigh)  Elizabeth

kdwsunshine said...

Yummy...I love cops...thats why I love my job....all my coworkers wear uniforms!