Friday, July 22, 2005

Pick Enterprise. We pick you up.

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been on here all week. That is rare for me. I was away for job training for my new job. I am now a Manager in Training at Enterprise Rent a Car

For our training they put us up in the Hilton Hotel in San Leandro. Although I had to pay for some of my meals we did get a free breakfast buffet every morning. It was good, but I have to say that no one can beat the breakfast buffet at the Marriot. They have the best Belgian Waffles. Just thinking about that makes me drool.

But I can say the the Hilton I stayed at had the best bed ever. I had a full sized bed with 5 comfy pillows and some nice sheets. I don't know what thread count it was, but it was damn good. I heard they sells these sheets as their own brand. I can't wait for my first paycheck.

I had a roommate but we got along well. Plus my coworkers came over to our room to study and have a couple of drinks so we had fun. We were a small group (9 people) so we bonded. It was sad to see people leave today because we all will be working at different branches.

The managers doing the training were very nice and helpful. In fact, I loved my training and my coworkers. They really were careful hiring because I had to interview three times and get a background check. Everyone was positive and driven, which is really important to me as I start my career. I can't stand working with people that complain and give excuses as to why the job didn't get done. Here, we aren't really allowed to give excuses, only appologize and offer solutions.

I say this because I hated some of my past jobs and didn't care. I didn't care because there was no room for advancement, or the managers weren't really taking care of their employees. And because I didn't like those jobs, I didn't really put myself out there all the time. As a result, I developed some bad habits.

Now college is over and I am out in the workforce as a fulltime employee. Now I have to break all those bad workhabits I developed and not look back.

Although the management is awesome and we had a lot of fun in our training they are putting us through the grill. They gave us homework every night and it we have to take an exam in a couple of weeks and pass with at least a 90%. Plus our salary is really low now and we will be working our butts off to prove to management that we can run the business and motivate everyone. They start us off low and promote us after we've proved ourselves.




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Congrats on the new job.

kdwsunshine said...

Thats great that you enjoyed the training. I am sure that you will do well with your new job/position.

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Congrats with your new job. I wish you the best of luck.