Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hello Everyone,

Today was nice. It was really hot, but I like hot weather. I went to a friend's bbq today. I was going to wear a really cute top, but I just couldn't find my expensive strapless bra. I was so pissed. I was looking for it for a couple of hours. And no luck.  It's summer and I really want to wear my cute tops. And I can't due to the lack of my friggin' strapless bra. I am gonna check in storage tommorow. I would hate to have to shell out money for another one.

Y'all know that I used to work at Red Loster for 4 years. Today I got a letter from Red Lobster Claims Administrator. When I first saw that I wanted to pee my pants because I thought that someone there was trying to sue me. But then I realized that a class action lawsuit was filed against Red Lobster and that employees working in a certain timeframe are eligible for payment from the settlement. According to the letter I am eligible to receive payment. I just have to complete the claims form.

I went to a bbw with my friend. We were celebrating her husband's birthday at Alum Rock Park. I got a nice sunburn. We all played volleyball and ate a lot of food.

I know I have more to say, but I better go home. I am so damn tired right now. I will write more later.



zoorisk said...

I hope you enjoyed your bbq with your friends.  Good luck with the Red Lobster situation.

kdwsunshine said...

I hope that you find your bra!
I was in a class action suit with a grocery store that I use to work for...I got a pretty good settlement...$1200.00 every July for 2 years and $500.00 worth of free groceries that came in gift certificate form.