Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Outcrack Steakhouse

Hello Everyone,

Today was eventful. I haven't seen my brother in over a year. And I finally saw him again today. I missed him so much. We spent time together and talked about the good ole days growing up.

I also went to Outback Steakhouse to take a test. I have to call them back next week to find out the results. Anyways, it was like taking the goddang SATs. They had me do word relations ( Ex: Cat::Dog)  and a lot of math equations. With no calculator. I was doing great until I had to divide decimals into decimals. Ex: $54.75 divided by $9.23. I felt so dumb, but I never even really learned that in school. Don't ask. I just didn't.  I have no problem multiplying , but it's dividing that's a pain in the butt. They even kept the scratch paper.

While I was busy thinking and filling out the Outback SAT application, I heard the servers in the background talking about getting stoned over the weekend, getting wasted at the concert, using the f-word over and over. Why was I even taking that exam ? I can serve, I can smile and bring the food out on time. If I get stuck I always have a calculator. Most importantly, I can be trusted with cash. I did it for 4 years already. But apparently, that's not good enough.

It's a friggin' server job. Outback should get over themselves. They also asked me to rate myself: Am I positive ? How often do I go out of my way to help others ? How often do I make people laugh ? What do they expect me to tell them???? They tell us that there are no right or wrong answers and that we should be truthful. Well, that's a lie. What if I tell them I don't work well in groups all the time ? How about if I say that I sometimes feel like smacking stupid customers upside the head ? I guess that in this job market employers can demand perfect people.

What about the question they ask me:: Why do you want to work at Outback ? How am I supposed to answer that? Tell them that working at Outback has been a dream of mine since I had teeth to eat a juicy steak? Tell them that I always dreamed of being a waitress ?? It's purely for tips and the hours. Any reasonable restaurant manager should understand that. I just told them that I love the food and that the waitstaff seems so positive. Yeah, that's nice and all but I came for tips.

Tommorow I have another interview in the morning so I will write about that later.

Good Night :)

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jcrazytrain said...

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. The little money they pay servers then make you go through all that. All that pepper they use on their food must have gone to their heads. LOL D