Tuesday, July 12, 2005

May the Spanish Post Office Rot in Hell

Hello Everyone,

Before I left Spain, I mailed a lot of stuff back home to save myself some trouble. It was kinda expensive too. I mailed myself my books, some clothes, shoes, and magazines, ect...... I paid a lot of money. About as much it would probably cost to just take another luggage on the plane. I didn't realize that at the time. I do now. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

Big Effin' mistake. They stole half of my stuff. My Diesel shoes, my knee high boots, my favorite shampoo, my Spanish grammar books that I really treasured. Other books I really loved. They even went so far as to take half of the stuff out of one of my boxes and stuff it with someone else's stuff. In one of my boxes I found a box of knives, baby clothes and candles. WTF?????

I am so so so so pissed. I worked so hard to walk all around town to find a post office that was open, I paid them a lot of money and waited. And not only are the boxes clearly thrown around, but they are missing stuff that I really wanted back. I spent about 200 Euros. I should have saved that money or paid the airlines.

To be honest, I don't remember how many boxes I sent out. I think that I sent out 3- 4 boxes. I am not sure which. I received 3 today. I am hoping that I get one more. I may have sent 4. I really want my Diesel shoes and boots back. I swear its like they knew exactly was I wanted the most out of all the stuff and stole it.

And I was so proud of myself. 99% of the people I knew in Barcelona got robbed. And I was telling people that I never got robbed the whole year I was there. Boy was I was wrong. I got jacked at the very last minute.

If you ever EVER have to travel to a foreign country, learn from me. Do NOT mail anything precious home unless you really have to. I mean, I took the stuff that I wanted the most in my suitcase. I am not a complete idiot. But I still would like to have some of the stuff that I lost back. Gosh, I feel like an idiot.


jcrazytrain said...

OMG sorry to hear that! Do they offer insurance?? My sister went to mexico and they stole all her desinger clothes. My moms homeowners insurance paid for it all.  Take care D

myheartsaysso2 said...

More than likely it was when it went through customs that your stuff got messed with.. I have had on more than one occasion them piercing my Cola Cao that friends would send me or plain and outright opening it.. breaking the seal thus me not wanting it anymore because half the contents fell out in the box too.. Thank god they sell it here now.. but the funny thing is when its someone from Spain.. one of my friends sending me something nice like some fans or whatever.. I usually always get it.. go fig! Hope your stuff shows up..

happinessdreams said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. Wow that really sucks.

oceanmrc said...

I am so sorry.  When she traveled in Europe once, my gm had a beautiful jade necklace stolen from her luggage.  She was heartbroken, mainly because I had loved it as a little girl and she had planned to give it to me.  It is so hard when people steal things from you and their value has nothing at all to do with money.