Friday, July 1, 2005

Hello Everyone,

Well, today was my second day on the job as a temporary receptionist. Today was not a good day. Although I did a good job answering the phones and making hotel reservations, I kinda lacked in other areas.

I forgot to give some papers to the UPS guy. I used the wrong printer. Once I used the right printer, it didn't print everything. I used an Excel spreadsheet, and I forgot to save all my work. I didn't really work the whole day because I had an interview. Had I worked the whole day I am sure I would have probably gotten things done.

Speaking of interview, I had one today and I will tell you more once things start to happen. Just don't wanna jinx myself on this.

But I don't think that I will be accepting any high tech sales jobs at the moment, even though these types of jobs can really pay the bills. Right now I think that I need to get my feet wet with other jobs and build myself up. I really don't like high tech that much anyways. For one, I was never good with computers. I also suck at math.

Anyways, I am so hungry that I have a headache. I am gonna go look for something to eat.

Ciao :)


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sinnermeetevil said...

it will get better. good luck moving also!