Friday, December 11, 2009

F*ck !

Hello My Little Calling Birds....................

Oh wow, I worked until midnight last night. I came home tired and was looking forward to just chilling out.

When I walked in my room there was a huge wave of ants streaming across my dresser, and trailing underneath my desk.

They were clearly after the concealed tin containing my grandmother's baked cookies on my dresser.

This is winter. I know when I can keep dried goods in my room. I would never do it in the summer. But it is clearly in winter when it's freezing outside. I forgot to consider that we blast the heat in this house.

And I have never seen such a huge wave of ants. Scurrying all over my dresser, crawling all over my makeup, hairbrushes, cosmetics and vitamin bottles. I was absolutely mortified. I took out the Raid and sprayed in underneath the desk, and a little on the dresser.

I am hoping that these little fuckers bug off soon since I threw away my grandmother's cookies. So miffed about that. I love my grandmother's cookies :(

Luckily they aren't anywhere near my desk or bed so I can go to sleep. I am too exhausted to clean it all up right now.

But the good news is, that at work today there was a conference and I got my hands on the leftovers after. I felt like Templeton in Charlotte's Web. You know that fat rat at the carnival that keeps finding food ? I felt like that. I also got my paws on some cake. So good. Lemon coconut cake to be exact. Yummy !

Anyway, I need to calm down right now and deal with these fucking ants later.


Shelly Rayedeane said...

That is flipping hilarious!

(sorry, me is laughing)

I honestly could take them invading the cookies, but hell no on the brush dude! Did you get ant spray on the brush too?

JStar said...

LOl...Yea, thats crazy...I know it pissed you off...Ok, you are making me hungry talking about food lol

Paul Nichols said...

That happened to me (us) once. And another time I was a temp in an office. The girl had so much food in her desk that the boss made me throw it all away--even the mouse droppings.

I’m having a challenge right now. I lost 4 pounds the first week, then gained it all back. Well, I lost 2 pounds again, but… I talked to some “experts” about this and have been encouraged to “…use some common sense, man.” (Don’t’ tell anyone.) Reaching my loss goal in such a short time is probably not going to happen. So if you’ll send your address to me, I’ll send you a book before the end of the year. Tax write-off, y’know.

E-mail it to

In the meantime, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Stacie's Madness said...

fucking ants.
they'd freeze thier little asses off here.

Big Mark 243 said...

Too bad about the ants ... for some reason, it is preferrable to having someone snatch up your snack while you are at work and offer up a weak 'sorry'.

Loving Annie said...

Oh yuck, gross, ick, ants. Poor you. That seriously sucks. It's so hard to clean them all up, and then it just feels creepy regardless to know they've been in/on your counters/floors, etc.

* Ashleigh * said...

Aww sorry Sandra :( Maybe direct them over to Babi's room? j/k

After mentioning Templeton, I have that song he sings while at the carnival....hehe

I won't have internet until Tuesday, so text/call me :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have an ant problem, but still am finding those fucking stink bugs in the house on a daily basis. It's pissing me right the fuck off.

Charmaine said...

K. I have the ant solution. It took me a while...but I figured it out after reading about the social behavior

Normal people do that, right?

Okay, here's what you do. You spray them with whatever you want to spray them with. I generally have nothing more powerful then Windex in my house. It does the trick. LEAVE THEM THERE. Do NOT clean them up. The following foraging ants will come down the line, see the wreckge of dead bodies and mostly carry them away.

In doing so, they learn this is NOT a good path to continue.

If you clean them up...they keep coming. They don't know it's not safe.

After a week or so you can clean up the remaining ant or two.

It's gross. But I'm telling you, it works.

dadshouse said...

I hate waves of ants! Hell, I hate seeing even one ant in my house. Glad you got rid of them.

Tell grandma you need more cookies! It's urgent. A crisis!!

PorkStar said...

I would totally send them straight to your land lady's room. Why not? They ain't paying rent to stay with you so send them over to the landlady......

U poor thing and your cookies : (

I would have used a vacuum to suck those motherfuckers up.

Big City Dad said...

Advantage of New ants whatsoever. Disadvantage...roaches the size of small dogs that give you that "what are YOU lookin' at" stare. Hate bugs.

Deine Mutter said...

I agree with you there - can't stand ants, but every year we get several invasions - got better since we have regular pest control come and spray the heck out of everything.
I am told you are supposed to use ant traps, where they take out yummy ant food that happens to be highly poisonous to them and they carry it to their nest and share with everyone, but I simply don't have the patience with that. I need to see them all dead in front of my eyes NOW!

And the nerve of them to get the cookies!!! Ugh!

Love ya!

Bussi Bussi

Myra said...

I used to get ants in my house every summer, but I've never heard of them in the winter...unless it feels like summer in your house! Two of my managers had the ant problem this past summer, with grapes! When I called housekeeping to tell them, and we're on the 3nd floor, they asked, "how did they get up there??" Hmm, they took the stairs!

Dad.. said...

Wow! Sounds weird (to me) to have ants in the winter. Every bug is dead until spring in Colorado.