Monday, December 14, 2009

Random List Of Things

Hello My Little Turtle Doves,

Been a busy weekend and it's turning out to be a busy week. I have a long blogroll, so just know that I will stop by all your bloggies and leave my pearls of wisdom. Because I love you little feather balls. Group hug !

In the mean time, here is what's been going on in my world in no particular order..........

1.) I joined a yoga studio. Up until now, I've been doing my yoga in classes at the gym. No comparison. You really get what you pay for. I am shelling out more dough to join a yoga studio and they do get expensive, but it's worth it.

The yoga classes in the gym aren't really inspiring. There really is something different about a yoga studio, and the environment is more peaceful and quiet. Plus the instructors can instruct you better. And I need all the instruction I can get. My form sucks.

2.) It is definitely the holiday season, and I went out with some childhood friends of mine on Sunday and we went to Christmas in the Park here in my town. We saw all the Christmas decorations in the park. It was very nice. You could even go ice skating, which I did last year with Ashleigh on New Years Eve.

3.) I met up with a friend of mine from my days at Enterprise Rent A Car on Saturday who I haven't seen in a few years. He's been traveling and is finally back in town. We were going to go bowling at the alley near the mall by my house. This alley used to be a favorite of mine. When I worked at Red Lobster we would always bowl together after long nights of serving to blow off steam. Same with Enterprise Rent A Car. It was nice back then, almost upscale. At least that's what they were going for.

So we went back over the weekend and I was throroughly disgusted at what I saw. The place turned into freaking Hoodrat Central. It was so unfuckingbelievably ghetto. These wanna be thugs and wanksters with their little hoochie mamas littering the place. I walked in around 11:30 at night on a Saturday and there was this young dude with his little daughter and trying to sit her in a barstool type chair without a booster chair. He was probably out and couldn't find a sitter. His baby mama was probably out partying and he didn't want to miss hanging out with his boyz and just brought his toddler along for the ride. Scary to think that the women of our future will be hounded and groped by boys like that.

Anyway,  I saw a cop sitting in the bar on patrol in there as fights have probably broken out. We didn't stick around for long. When I asked the hostess about the cop being there, she just said he was simply there for "backup".

Wanna know what the kicker is ? Planned Parenthood is right across the street. These little futures of tommorow probably catch Vds in the bathroom and just walk across the street to get it taken care of the morning after.

See, this is why I am so scared of breeding. These guys in the bowling alley had these oversize baseball caps on and their pants were sagging low with their asses hanging out and ugly gaudy sneakers, and they walked like they had they had a stick wedged up their asses. To think that boys think this is a cool way to dress. And to think that girls fall in love with that and bring it home. Or worse, get knocked up by a wanna be thug and then become baby mamas and have little gangstas of their own. It makes me want to superglue my legs shut for life. Parents today must have it so rough !

So that is all for now.

Besitos !


Bubu said...

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Bubu said...

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JStar said...

Sounds like you had fun bowling lol...I am glad you joined a Yoga Studio, a studio does make a difference. I used to work at Yoga Alliance, we certified the Yoga Schools :) Its something I have always wanted to do, but have yet to...Mostly because I cant afford it right now...Maybe later :)

Liam said...

Hey I love that word invention " Wanksters" I think the Brits are going to love it.

Big Mark 243 said...

Do you think that you may just be maturing? Forgetting what it was like to be that young? Or is it really that the kids coming up are more reckless and aimless?

Anywho, seems like you did have a good encounter with an old friend. I haven't tried yoga, because it is hard enough to touch my toes!! If I get serious, I will start with a pre-conditioning run, watching the gals on FitTV do their thing first for a bit.

mac said...

We used to teach Yoga at my old TKD school.
Well, I didn't. The other instructor did.
I could never take too much of those classes. The positions are just too much for me to see ;-)

And the names ! I see a good downward dog and think, "Yes it is!"

Yes ma'am. That's why I avoid yoga, I don't want to be that leering old man....unless you like that ;-)

dadshouse said...

It amazes me that these young gangstas have kids. It's not like they planned it. They just have their sexy time and bang! a kid comes along.

Maybe Planned Parenthood should change their name to Unplanned Parenthood?

Big City Dad said...

Super Glue? Ouch!!! You are too much. :)

Mike said...

It's very true with a lot of things on how much you pay for it.

Winivere said...

Girl, you are right about the Yoga. There is nothing like that around here. The people from this area are not cool like that!

Winivere said...

One more thing... you are right about the gluing your legs shut theory. Gotta be super careful not to breed with the wrong guy!!!!!

Paul Nichols said...

There were just three or four guys in my high school Typing II class. About twenty girls. One day, while we discussed something, the teacher told us the best "protection" on earth was a dime. ??? The girl is to hold it firmly between her knees. Our teacher was a man.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Yoga class sounds pretty cool.

Yoga is more difficult then it looks.

Hmmmm. Me thinks me is going to have to make up my own list after Christmas.

Ily said...

This post scares the hell out of me...for my daughter! God forbid she finds something like what you've described here remotely attractive. Just in case I think I'll put superglue in her Christmas stocking!!

PS - I LOVE yoga and one of these days I'll get back into it. It's pricey (if you go to a good place) but a great form of exercise and relaxation, like no other.

Myra said...

The studio will whip you into shape in no time at all! Kids of today...way different from my time, and you're much younger than I. I love the picture of you in your belly dancing outfit! Take care...