Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally Friday

Good Morning My Little French Hens,

How are you ? It's finally Friday and I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. I will be working extra on Saturday (tomorrow) but after that I am free as a bird to do what I want. I plan on practicing dance and hopefully cleaning my godforsaken room and car.

Here are some other things going on in my world in no particular order:
1.) San Jose Senorita. That, my little feathery friends is my photo blog. I am a little camera whore, and I have been taking pictures of the area where I live, and lately I've been posting pictures of San Francisco from my trip with Ashleigh and Porkstar. I am really happy because people have been stopping by and I have been slowly gaining followers.

-What that blog has been helping me do, is get to know my area better. Yeah, I live here but how often do I get out and appreciate what is around me. There is a lot of history in the SF Bay Area. Also, I am not the only one posting photo blogs. If you look at my blog roll, over half of the blogs I've subscribed to are photo blogs from around the world. Some of the locations up there include: Brazil, Belgrade, Switzerland, Egypt, Romania, Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco and Amsterdam just to name a few. It is interesting to see what people capture. When I was in SF with Ashleigh and Porky, we all took pictures. When you looked at each of our pictures it was interesting to see what each of us captured on camera. We all had different pictures. We all had different ways of looking at the city.

Also, just because you live in your town and think you've seen everything or don't really care, does not mean that someone else won't. It's interesting to see people take an interest in my blog and look at pictures from my area and like it. Just as I look at their picture blogs and enjoy their views.

2.) I am so sore from yoga. Unbelievable. I could barely walk yesterday. I was about to cry in class from all the poses. People next to me were doing them with great form, and there I was barely able to hold the pose without falling on my ass. I have such a hard time because I am pigeon-toed, and I am not very flexible with my lower body at all. It is really hard and I just have to work through it.

Also, I hate pushups. So getting into the plank position, holding it, and doing it over and over is so hard. But I know I could get better if I keep trying. I need to work through this as yoga was the doctor's orders for my TMJ.

But also, I didn't just start off in beginning yoga. I just went straight to the more intermediate class. I didn't really have a choice since that was all I could do with my current schedule. Hopefully that will change. I will definitely welcome a more beginner class next week.

The instructor in my last class was really nice, and you could tell that she did a lot of yoga. She was in very good shape. The only thing was she kept calling out the yoga poses in Sanskrit (is that the language they use ?) and I couldn't understand a thing. I can barely remember the poses in English.

Okay, gotta cut this short and get back to work.

Namaste !


Tom Bailey said...

1- that blog has some nice pictures.

2- plank is about one of the only things that I am good at in yoga because it requires zero flexibility. Corpse is my other favorite position... or mountain.


PorkStar said...

I love positions too but nothing to do about Yoga for sure. I'm supposed to sign up for some of it here at work but i haven't had the chance.

I have yet to email you the rest of the pics, dear. I'll do so over the weekend.

Liam said...

I think I mentioned this to you before when we were talking about the gym. Yoga 's affect on the body is very underestimated.

My personal instructor told me horror stories about people damaging their backs because certain yoga positions are not recommended for everyone. Some people have back problems they are not aware of.

Having said that I think that starting any program at the beginning must be more beneficial than jumping up a level. I know you already know that I am just agreeing with you.

natalie said...

dear Senorita, thanks for the great comments on my blog! Please come by and comment on Hanukkah or tell where you will go or what family you will see and include your link!

natalie said...

Dear Senorita, hugs! good entry! I hope that the weather is nice up there now!
and please keep on dancing!
we love how yo enjoy life!

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
You are not right. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

Senorita said...


I don't know what you are referring to. Am I wrong about my photo blog ? Or what I wrote about yoga ? Please specify.

Also, I have no way of contacting you as you didn't even identify yourself and I have no way of getting in touch with you.

Liam said...

Sounds like Anonymous is not quite on the ball.

Ily said...

I have to get back to your photo blog. I'm reading THREE of your blogs now, Chica...and I've taken a HUGE interest in the private one due to what's happening in my extended family (plus I find it extremely fascinating!).

Yoga's tough, but it does wonders for you. I miss it.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Senorita- Do not trust anon posters if they start coming here and leaving bizarre comments which lead to nowhere.

This is what used to happen to me a lot. It is done strictly to make a person paranoid and to make them wonder who posted the message to begin with.

Have you ever visited the Science Exporium in San Francisco? If you are ever in the city again, I highly recommend it. I have never had so much fun in one place.

By the way, I'm adding you to my contact list on my phone for emails.

My other email addy is being monitored again.

It takes about a half hour to set you up via my contact list.

I ask that you erase the email address below once you read it.

Have a nice day chica!

Anonymous said...

I tried yoga as a teenager, but i never could get over the soreness.