Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sunday Scoop

Hello Loves,

So I worked a full shift over the weekend and it was overtime. I cherish any hour of overtime that I can get, especially since my bosses are doing everything they can to limit it.

Today I went to the gym and while I was there, I saw a Viagra commercial. Some guy talking with his reflection about how he can't get it up. Basically the man was walking in front of a window, and his reflection was talking about his "problem" and the man said " I don't want to talk about it" and his reflection looked back and him and said that of course men don't want to talk about their erectile dysfunctions. So then the men walked into the Viagra center and shook hands with the doctor. Oh how touching ! Also makes me feel glad that I am not a man.

If it were a female commercial, women would be huddling around and talking about their female problems. But men have no one to talk to when they have issues with their junk. All they can do is talk to themselves and hope that their reflections guide them to a solution.

Okay, time to go to bed, so that is all for now my little furballs.

Besitos !


Shelly Rayedeane said...

Perhaps the problem isn't the fact some men feel they have nobody to speak too. Perhaps the problem is that we live in a society where we let media and advertising dictate our moves.

I read a recent study which proved that internet porn actually remapped the neurotransmitters in some men's brains and made them impotent if they became addicted to the internet.

What is that saying? Garbage in. Garbage out.

I'm not an advocate against porn.

I'm just an advocate of a society which no longer buys into all the fake crap which does absolutely nothing but to take real love and hope out of this world.

Winivere said...

Only another man who has been through the same thing can offer real advice, and what are the odds of a disfuncional man finding another disfunctional man to talk to?

On the other hand, I am a woman, but just like Al Bundy, women make me want to gag when they talk about their female problems and their trying to make it sound cute by giving it cute names is just as gross, because they are still talking about something that should be kept private. Why can't they see how gross it is to force other women to visualize pads and tampons drenched in their own blood. Are they trying to attract a vampire to their VJJ or something? Gross! Sorry, but it had to be said. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Secretia, my first visit.
That was a great post about Viagara, really funny. It is good to be a woman! I like your blog, I'll follow you.

Kerrie said...

I don't know what men talk about on their own. It's one of lifes great puzzles to me. I would like to give being a man a try, despite having to talk to my own reflection about my erectile problems.
I am afraid I do still think men get a better hand delt them overall. I read in a magazine the average man can make himself orgasm in three minutes, now that can't be bad.

Liam said...

I hope I don't have those problems when I get old.

dadshouse said...

when I read your first line, I at first didn't see the second 'f': So I worked a full shift over the weekend and it was overtime.

hahahaha - still lmao over that one.

Viagra? Don't need it. All I need is a lovely lady, and I'm good to go!

Myra said...

I'm glad I'm not a man too...though we women have our fair share of problems. Ever notice how one woman will always try to trump another with her sexual exploits? If you have to brag about it, you probably aren't getting it. Oh, wait, that would be a man taling!

mac said...

My Mom has a slew of really old Uncles.
A few years back, all the men were gathered around busting eaach others balls, when Uncle Danville pulled up in his car.

Dan get's out of the car, grabs his walking stick and walks around to open the door for his lady friend.
From the car "hops" a very attractive woman in her early fifties - Danville was 96 years old !

As I said we were already busting balls. The subject soon turned to Danville's new girl.
Walter (Danville's baby brother at 85) jumps right in and asks, "Well Dan, when does a man loose 'it' ?"

I'll never forget Danville's reply. "When it happens boys, I'll let ya know"

As long as I don't get run over by a bus or something, I think I have a few years before I have to worry about Viagra ;-)