Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Dribble

Attention Everyone !

There is a very naughty monkey that has escaped its cage and is running loose.  Please, if you see him wandering around, let us know so we can teach him a lesson . That monkey needs to be spanked.

Okay, that was a lame joke. Enough of that......................

So I went to my Make Senorita Cry Like a Little Bitch class this morning at the buttcrack of dawn. It's usually just us chicks that are there. But today we had someone from the male species join us. He was buffed, but I noticed him struggling while we were kicking and holding our poses. I also saw him struggling with the abwork a little. All us girly girls could do the exercises no problem, but not this dude. And he wasn't old or handicapped.

I was amused. Is it wrong to say that watching a grown man struggle with simple kicking in an all-girls class warmed the cockles of my little dark heart ?

Speaking of those classes, a couple of weeks ago our instructor made us get on the floor to do abwork with our legs spread apart in the air................AGAIN. I couldn't help but smirk. The instructor looked down at me like I was crazy, and I dutifully pointed out that every time we did abwork, we had our legs wide open in the air, and I demonstrated for him. He is also a personal trainer and I mentioned that his training was becoming very personal.

Luckily he has a sense of humor, and said that if we think that's bad then we obviously don't remember the time he was doing those exercises in his shorts.

So my point is, is that lately we've been doing abwork with our legs more together. Thank God ! I am a lady, I'll have you know ! I was raised my whole life to keep 'em closed ! OMG those excerices this morning were so brutal !

So that is all for now my little turtle doves. Time for bed !


mac said...

Guys can't hang with the ladies in Arobics classes. We just can't.

However, I would surely try my darndest if we were working on abs with our legs spread in the air as you describe. The visual alone would motivate me!

Did you catch that monkey?
we lost a dolfin here. When he is caught he surely will be flogged, as well as that chicken that's with him - he'll be choked.

I guess they were just exercising their right to privacy ;-)

MindyMom said...

Sounds like a great workout! And I'm sure you are not alone in your enjoyment of watching the dude struggle. ;)

Red Shoes said...

I've been in a spinning class... and am in a boot camp class now... that is royally kicking my ASS!!!!!!!!

But I am benefiting from it all... :-)


Bathwater said...

I'd hate to see how badly one of those classes would kick my ass.

dadshouse said...

How demure!

Just telling it like it is said...

Nothing wrong with sharing a room with a hot guy and opening your legs...all in the name of exercise right...sex = 200 calories just encase you wondered... all in the name of exercise of coarse

Anonymous said...

It's good to strengthen the abs like that. It improves posture and contributes to lower back comfort.

MsH said...

Great work! Very motivating, I think I would like some eye candy while struggling with exercises. Ya know the French love beauty. A nice figure to casually see - very motivating.

okay basic question - I think I have someone following me. To see their blog do I need to click the title of the blogs to she the person's blogs

Pesto Sauce said...

Legs remain closed but open only at the right moment