Saturday, April 24, 2010

What is up with fashions????

Hello My Little Blueberry Pancakes !

Okay, so I am just gonna randomly say what I wanna say. I was out shopping yesterday and here are some observations.................

1.) I bought underwear that "won't ride up". Hahaha ! You know why they won't ride up ? Because they are granny panties ! That's why ! They cup your cheeks and unflatter your ass. They also give you horrid panty lines.

But I bought then anyway, because I am tired of my underwear riding up the crack of my ass on the treadmill or while I am kicking or doing situps. I am also tired of finding that perfect moment to take care of the wedgy. So annoying.

2.) I was looking for cute tops at the mall yesterday to highlight all the hard work I've been doing. Highlight my waistline and "push up the girls."

I walked away in total disappointment. Soooooo many shirts and tank tops on sale that don't stop at the waistline. They go down to your hips or knees. Below is an example.

You know what this is good for ? Women who have "muffin tops" and want to conceal them. Or for women that don't want to show off their figure. I wonder if men are on to this little secret.

Or how about this ..............................

It's cute on her, because she is tall and skinny, and it's supposed to kind of drape over the body. Also, she doesn't have that much boobage going on and can wear an open shirt like that. I see stores loaded with shirts like this. This does not flatter me because 1.) I am short and curvy and don't want to wear a shirt like a dress where it just bunches up around the arc of my ass and
2.) I have huge tatas and this would never fly. It would look like I am trying too hard.
3.) What is up with all the "Ed Hardy" designs going on in the shirts out there ? I am not into that.

I have noticed that the fashions from the eighties are in full swing. I was a child during the eighties. I hated it then, and I still hate it now. No offense to those of you that want to relive the eighties. Bring back the nineties, or fashions from even four years ago. Senorita no likey.

So basically, no cute top for me at the mall. But I am not giving up. I usually have better success at shops for Latinas, so that will be my next stop.

My next rant is about bras. God "blessed" me, but the bra manufacturing industry is made up of angry, jealous bitches because bras for us girls make us look like we're nursing. WTF is up with that ?????

Bra shopping sucks hairy, smelly balls for me because a) they try to sell me a nursing bra b.) The straps are way too big, and I always have to adjust them. No love, I tell you, no love.

Okay, so I feel better for venting now. Time to go work out.


Inferno said...

I think you would look hot in that second shirt if it wasn't worn to loose.

Big Mark 243 said...

I wonder how tall are you..?

When I see an Ed Hardy tee on someone I always think that they are trying to be something that they can't be. They are trying to make up for a lack of personality.

The thing I don't like about the bra's that curvy and 38 plus girls wear are that they are a bear to get unhooked. I can do it with one hand, but sometimes it cramps up on me.

And I agree with you about the shirts. Have to make up for those crappy low rise jeans that flatter no one. They are trying to hide the mess made by those jeans!!

Anonymous said...,i hear what do you expect a PLUS SIZE woman like me to say if you are complaining ehn?

Charlene said...

A friend was showing me pictures of her daughter's senior prom. All the guys were in white suits. They looked like crap back in the 70's and they still look like crap.

Just shows to go you that bad fashion returns.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the bras. I have some DD's going on. I found some that I like in the "Curvacious" line by Queen Latifa.. But the straps are still a bit thick. And WHY can't someone make a good STRAPLESS bra for big boobs?! I found about 5 dresses yesterday that I would have loved to have bought. But nope.

And as far as tops go.. I hate the ones that have specific places for your boobs. Because yep.. my boobs are too big for those designated spaces.


OMG I tried a bra minimizer once. Sure it cut down the size of my breasts- by giving me 4 smaller ones!

I loved the fashion of he 80-'s!

Bossy Betty said...

I just came here to be called a Little Blueberry Pancake! I feel so happy to be called that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, we are on to the little secret. Heck, you look good in a garbage bag and you know it.

mac said...

This is kind of why I'm seeking a new girl...I need fashion advice ;-)

Shelly Rayedeane said...

You forgot to mention the recent picture of the lady who was banned on tv from wearing a bra because she wasn't anorexic enough.

I forgot the bra company or I would have mentioned it.

The woman was beautiful though regardless of her size.

* Ashleigh * said...

Fashion is in a terrible place at this moment. The 80s and 90s need to stay in the past, especially the big hair part.

Candace said...

Love it! I have a problem bra shopping as well. The bras I buy are freaking $60 each. But they SUPPORT. And damn, that's important for people with boobs!

And in case you want to participate, I gave you an award on my blog! I would love to hear 10 confessions from you! :)