Friday, September 23, 2005

Glad the Week is Over

Hello All,

I worked out on Monday and I will go again tommorow (Saturday). I should go more, but this is a step in the right direction. I also got paid today, which is wonderful so that I can pay my bills. Every month is the same. Got the same bills to pay. They just never seem to go away :)

I have a new boss now, and this was our first week working together. I am still getting used to him. He doesn't give me as much free reign over the office like my former bosses. I feel like I have less responsibility in the office with him, and I really don't dig that because I am there to learn and move on. But it's not too bad because he doesn't get promoted if I don't do well so I will have to learn a lot more at some point. Plus, he's actually kinda funny.

This week wasn't a good week for rentals. First of all, we were out of cars. That sucks all by itself. Eventually we got people taken care of, but finding cars was hard because our whole region was out. We should have gotten more new cars, but I guess we are still waiting. Of course our area managers will want an explanation when people start complaining.

Second of all, we had some customers that were just being unreasonable. I couldn't believe it. I helped one couple, and drove up to their bodyshop. We looked at the car, I typed up their contract, I went over protection plans, explained everything in detail. I must of spent at least a half an hour. And their insurance was paying for the rental so this wasn't coming out of their pockets. They were gonna have an SUV, it was the last car we had and my manager had to pull teeth to get it. But just after they signed the contract they told me they didn't want it. All they had to pay for was gas and the protection, and they knew the protection was optional. These people are doctors. They then told me they wanted the smallest car, but we were out because we just filled our other reservations. So therefore we were screwed. I would have switched them out into a smaller car the next day, but they wouldn't even take the SUV for one day.

I also had another gem yell at me because I actually had to *gasp* type up the contract. He was coming over to us from the body shop so he expected everything to be done already. When I politely asked for his credit card and explained that we were taking a security deposit and that it was just a hold, and not a sale he yelled again and demanded to know why we were taking his money. Had he listened he would have heard that we weren't taking it. It was a hold. I tried explaining this calmly with a smile on my face but he got up and left and went back to the body shop to complain. Then I got to hear from the guy at the body shop. Yay !!

I also had a married guy hit on me while his wife was waiting for him outside. I could not believe it. He rented from us last week and he was telling me about his two kids and how he took them and his wife to Disney Land. And then he goes and spoils the nice stories he told me by inviting me out to coffee. When I lied and told him I have a jealous boyfriend, he smiled and told me his wife was not jealous. What is wrong with some people?????? I don't go out with married men. And being "unavailable" does not make a man more attractive to me. Married is not "hard to get". To me, it means "off limits" or "run".

Needless to say, tommorow is Saturday and I don't have to work. I am so happy because I need a break so I don't get burned out.


resettozero said...

They say most men marry so that they can have children, but the young life doesn't end there for some of them.  And he probably lied to you as well, about his wife not being jealous.

kdwsunshine said...

Goodness, it sounds like a tough week. I hope that this one is better for you!