Sunday, September 11, 2005

We Must Never Forget

Hello All,

Today is the 4th Anniversary of the Sept 11th attacks in NY. Unfortunately this year we have bigger problems to worry about such as the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

I feel that as a nation we are starting to forget about the terrorist attacks, which is still a strong threat. Fortunately, I don't think that we are divided as a nation. I feel that many Americans have come together to help out our fellow Americans with the aftermath of Katrina. In my opinion I don't think that our govt is doing enough, nor have they responded as fast as they could have. I think that they were mainly unprepared. It is the people that are coming together when the govt can't.

The radio stations here in the SF Bay Area have put together fundraisers and drives and people have come and donated. So many people are donating to the Red Cross. And the schools all over the US which are overcrowded enough as it is are continuing to take in students affected by the storm. I like reading about things like this in the newspaper.

Anyways, I hope that y'all have a wonderful Sunday. I bought like three new pairs of shoes yesterday for work. I am also late for my nail appt. Ciao.



jcrazytrain said...

You go girl on the shoes:o)

I know I will never forget!

kdwsunshine said...

This nation needs to always remember the attacks as well as continue to pull together for each other.

zoorisk said...

We must never forget Sept 11 attack in NYC, nor should we forget what Katrina has done to New Orleans.  It shows how vunerable we are to man made attacks as well as natural attacks.  At least as a nation we still manage to come together and still show that we are strong.