Thursday, September 15, 2005

I found my 71 Year Old Twin

Hello Everyone,

Today I had to help his older lady. I had to drive to her house and pick her up. When I saw her I thought that she was about 45. Then when I had to look at her drivers license I realized she was actually 71. I was so shocked.

She was dressed in the same style of clothes that I would wear to work. She had a hot pink blouse with a blazer. And her shoes were the cutest. They were hot pink sandals that she said were in style when she was my age. Her toe nails were also painted. I sure hope I look like her when I am 71.

She was on her way to a dinner meeting. Seems like she has a busy life. I picked her up at her house and she lives at the country club. The drive there alone was beautiful. As I was getting to her house I saw the sun set against the lake.

I think a lot about my life. I know I won't be in my twenties for much longer. The years will pass me by in a heartbeat. But seeing her gave me hope that I can still be very active and look good when I get to be that age.

My day at work today was pretty much relaxed. I drove brand new cars off the lot today. Yesterday I also drove the 2006 Lincoln Towncar off the lot. It was brand spanking new and covered with plastic. Gotta love that new car smell.

I like the fact that I get to drive brand new cars. I am learning more about cars and the different features. My latest favorite model is the Dodge Magnum. I used to think that the VW Passat or the Jetta were good cars until I actually test drove them. German engineering my ass.

You see, I love the commercials. I love the design. I love the new car smell that seems to linger around for a while. But when you actually drive it, you don't feel very much power. I feel like I have to slam on the pedals to feel any power. And then comes the maintenance costs. Parts are way too expensive. I was told that the dealer doesn't repair parts. They completely replace them. I have had a lot of customers complain about their VWs after the warranty expires. 

Anyways, that is my two cents for the day.


zoorisk said...

I am sure that if you take good care of yourself now you will look wonderful when you reach your twins' age.  Also keep the pink shoes after all they will come to style later on.

jcrazytrain said...

OH I love your job. I am a car lover :o) D

kdwsunshine said...

Ugh.. I hate being behind in alerts!!
That lady sounds too cute!