Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Updates and Boy talk

Hello All,

I just found out today that my boss got promoted. I just got transferred a week and a half ago and now I am gonna have a new boss all over again. I really hope that he'll be nice. Since there are only two of us in the building I hope that my new boss won't be a jerk. I have a lot to learn about the business so I am hoping my next boss will be patient and kind.

Today I was getting my morning coffee and I saw a German shepherd sitting in the cop car. The dog was sitting directly behind the wheel and panting. It was so adorable. I wanted to go and pet him, but I know how police dogs are so I didn't even get close. But I did talk to the cop. He was funny. He was telling me how he had to clean out all the dog hair before he could sit down.

What else? Well I work in kind of an isolated area, and I really don't deal with a lot of people in our office. So I am happy when anyone comes over. But yesterday a gorgeous Greek engineer hunk dropped off his car and I had to give him a ride back to the office. This guy was really fine and had a nice Greek accent. So we were talking, okay maybe flirting, and he ended up "asking me out for a cup of coffee sometime". And he wrote his cell number on the back of his business card and told me to call him.

See, in my book that's pretty disappointing. Yeah, he's fine and smart and it will probably be a long, LONG ass time before I even see another fine man in my area. Seriously, where I am at it could take months.

But that still doesn't erase the fact that he put it on me to call him. He took an interest in me but he doesn't want to do the work. He couldn't even ask me for my number or lift up the phone to talk to me. He likes me but he wants me to do the work.

And I have nothing bad to say about him. In fact, I still drool when I think about it. But I want to go out with a guy that has a genuine interest in me and at least does a little work in the beginning. I am not asking for much. Just that he pick up the phone and make conversation and invite me out. But I guess nowadays it can be too much sometimes. I know that he's not the only man in this world that has a phone phobia.

If I were to call this guy, I am sure we would go out a couple of times. But I also know that he would lose interest fast in me. Why? Because I made myself too accessable and did all the work. So he would think that I am too easy and there's no more work to be done because I am available when he wants and am doing all the work.

So, I am just going to just say that although be probably found me interesting, he's not all that interested. And why should he be ? I know there are tons of girls that will call him and do all the work.

And I also know that there are men out there that will actually do the work and call the girl. And I am just gonna have to hold out for that.



lifeplus0o said...

Good thinking, and if he does want to do some work, he knows where you work so he already does have your phone number.

Good luck.

kdwsunshine said...

I guess that I am still holding out too. Men are just weird. I don't know if its worth it sometimes!
ps..I have learned never to date a cop! ;)